Saturday, January 30, 2010

We Pass Through Joshua Tree

The companion was full of surprises last night. His internet card ended and he didn’t get a new one. Instead he packed up the entire contraption and watched TV. So this morning he didn’t have to do anything but wake up, shower, and go. We were on the road at 9:30.

Today we biked to Yucca Valley but we went through Joshua Tree. The companion was excited to see his first Joshua Tree. And he biked at a good pace so we could get there fast. Plus he wanted coffee, and from our hotel, in the direction of Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree was the first place for coffee that the companion liked.

Before we got to the coffee, we found this dinosaur statue. There was one on each corner of this property. No sign, nothing to tell us what it is. The companion was on the phone at the time doing an interview for a paper. But he stopped, took a picture and moved on. He later said, that’s just like the giant spider we saw.

Yes, exactly. Exactly like that VW bug car made into a spider.

Then suddenly there was a Circle K and I thought the companion was going to go crazy. Oh we are stopping for coffee. But we got more than coffee. We met Danielle, who was just so sweet to us. First the companion leaves me outside while he goes in and tells everyone: we are biking across the country. (I never brag). Danielle recognized him from the paper. Front page! And she gave him a copy. Then she came out to visit with me for a time, and they talked.

She advised him on a better route to get to Yucca Valley to stay out of crazy traffic. Thank you Danielle. She gave him a yellow caution vest to wear so we don’t blend in with the sand. Thank you! And she told us a little bit about the place.

Turtles migrate through Joshua tree! Who knew? I didn’t. But slow and steady wins the race, and I should know: Cause I’m winning.

Here is a Joshua Tree. The companion likes them, cause he likes plants. I think it is odd, but nice. They are all over the place here.

Now for a slight surprise. David from San Francisco is coming to spend a few days taken pictures of us. Should be fun!

And I would like to thank Denise from the basset rescue who has really gotten us some media attention!


  1. I would just like to let you two know I have been following your blog and wish you all the best. I too have battled depression most of my life and know how important it is to raise awareness of this disease. Antigone, you are one lucky and brave puppy! Keep the faith!

  2. I read about your human companion in today's Victor Valley (Victorville)Daily Press (I'm old-school, so it's the print version). I wish you both the best. I, too, have experienced anxiety, depression and a LOT of loss lately. Exercise helps; so do support groups, most of which are free, open-ended and available regardless of the nature of the loss or any specific diagnosis.

    Also, if your companion doesn't mind what may be obvious suggestions for employment, high-paying albeit temporary work over the next six months is to be had with the U.S. Census. And, likely he is or easily could qualify for community college teaching or K-12 substitute teaching.

    P.S. I love that your name is Antigone; being a literature geek myself, I "get it."

  3. To DianinIL, Thank you for your warm thoughts I felt them all day!

    To mazal, I'm glad to hear you read the old school version. The companion was looking at the on line version and said that the comments left were nice but a few of them were just mean. And he say: Didn't think about the cenus. So he'll be looking into that on our next day off. which could be in the morning!