Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tempe Bicycle, Hands

Well we started the day sluggish. The companion thinks he has an allergy to Arizona, but he finally got up and got going. Me? I just let him sleep and be sluggish if he wanted too.

We had to go get the bike repaired today. First thing. The companion found a bike shop about five miles from us, so off we went. He didn't complain about the cost of the repairs on the way, but he did say he was "worried". He's worried because he doesn't think it can be repaired and he would have to get a new one. He told me about this happening before in Chicago and the bike shop told him "it would be cheaper to get a new bike, than the back wheel."

The back wheel was bend badly. You should have seen it from my vantage. That wheel made the companion go back and forth wobbling. But I couldn't consentrate on that much because we are in city traffic.

And I don't like city traffic. I don't like cars with smothering smell. I don't like the noise of the busses. I don't like the trains coming by. No give me the Tonto National Forest again: That I love!

But sometimes we have to go to a City, and here we are. And its good because there are good bike shops around to help us. So off we went. The man at the store told the companion: "well we can true it for 15 bucks, but it will never be straight again. You may want to get a new wheel."

I held my breath. See the companion had not eaten yet, he had not had any coffee and I was worried he would hit panic mode.

"How much will that be?" He asked, maintaining some quiet.
"About 50 bucks," the main said.
"OK! Let's do that!"

The companion was so excited that it was so much less than he thought it would be that he agreed to the price before asking the man to true to old wheel. Well we may need a new one anyway. Dave 0 told the companion that he could expect "a couple of thousand miles before they fail." And we have crossed over a couple of thousand miles!

We Tempe Bicycle was lovely. I went in and walked around. I inspected the place. Nice, clean, void of small animals. Go there.

Tempe is nice and so is Mesa. The traffic isn't horrible but I still don't like it. We saw this piece in Tempe. The companion kink of liked it. But I noticed his disappointment that it wasn't a road side attraction. It was just art.

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