Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bungalow, Pink Chair

The companion and I were invited to Coffee this morning in Mesa, AZ. We went to this lovely place called Inside the Bungalow. Cafes don't offer much for me, I admit. I mean, I can get a human treat, like a cookie, but otherwise--boring! No so at Inside the Bungalow.

This is the yard where we sat. Lots of little plants for me to smell. We got there and the companion got his coffee, and we sat down. And I could smell a bunch of things. The Companion got an egg back and pumpkin bread. He loved both and said: such nice presentation! He of course shared it with me, and I like them both too.

I just sat and enjoyed the patio, the smells that came up to me. I relaxed but was too excited with this patio that I couldn't nap! If you are in Mesa, AZ--go to the Bungalow!

We then walked down to The Big Pink Chair. Need I remind the readers of the Companion's obsession with roadside attractions? I think no. We walked down town Mesa just to see this Chair. The Companion loved it.

Me? well, it's not soft like a sofa, so what's the point.


  1. Antigone, hi! This is Cooper your buddy for the month or so before you and Marshall left on your journey. You and Marshall were so good to me and helped me feel at home after my scary time on my own as a stray before I came to you through Guardian Angel Bassett Rescue. I am very happy with Ron and Mary but I love you both and thank you for helping me! Prayers on your amazing journey for 2 good causes. We have and will be making donations to both can I help with your dog food needs? Be safe, Cooper Mary and Ron

  2. Hey Cooper,
    I knew you would like your new humans! They were great to come all that way to meet you.

    Thank you for all your prayers and for the help you do our causes!