Monday, January 11, 2010


Well look at us!

We made it to Arizona!

We had been climbing up a mountian most of the day. And luckily the companion was feeling dramatic and brave. That meant no complaining from him. None of his "really? another hill. Really?" None of that. He did push some but he did good. He was quiet mostly. Which was good for me, because there is less for me here to smell. Where are all the animals? Where are the coyotes that are going to attack? How about a skunk? Or an armadillo? There seems less traffic out here. There is some, but just less. So the Companion being a bit quiet helped me concentrate on what's important.

So up hill, and up hill, and up hill we went. Then we topped a hill and it went down a long way. The companion was excited!

And in the middle of that down hill was Arizona! We are moving along! The companion is looking for us to get out of the mountains.

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