Friday, January 29, 2010


Today we are in 29 Palms. And the companion likes it. He things it’s a cute town. Well this is what I see.

It is nice this town. Lots of cute things on the walls. But the people are really better than the town looks. Everyone we’ve met has been really friendly! They all compliment me, and talk to the companion. Lots of smiling! I like that, smiling is my favorite. We stopped at a café and hand lunch. The server was really sweet!

But across the road from the café was a statue. Again there was some disappointment in the companion’s voice when he realized it wasn’t a Roadside Attraction. But he liked it anyway.

There is also a Marine base here. The companion loves all things military, and said: you got to love it when the Marines are around.

Do I?

We also had an interview with the paper here, and with the paper in our next town. Two in one! Thank Goodness. That means: no interviews for a few more days. Excellent. This picture was taken by the newspaper. I like it. Isn't the companion funny looking with his head turned like he is in thought! Oh dear!

Lovely town 29! Lovely!

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