Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Final State!

Well look out world! We made it to California.

What a pleasant bike ride today too. We went through the Colorado Desert, or at least that is what the companion said was posted on a sign in the middle of it! I enjoyed it too. The sun was warm on and the wind cool.

We biked for several hours today. The companion said when we started out: pray we get a ride, I don't really want to camp in the desert. But for hours no one paid any attention to our sign asking for help to Twentynine Palms. And still he biked on.

After we climbed the mountian, the ground leveled off. But not completely flat. Dips. Dips in the road, ups and downs that were kind of fun. We made it to Vital Junction. And the companion talked with some people about how to get places. See this is where two roads intersect, and one of them was out. So no one could go north. People were looking at each other really confused. The companion was hoping for a ride from there. Instead he talked with a couple who are on a motorcycle. They were having trouble too with the wind.

But soon the road veered toward the sun more, and put the wind behind us. It may have disappeared all toegether, cause we didn't really feel it anymore. The companion was actually doing great on time! he was really moving.

There are few lonely roads, there is always traffic of some kind. But today after we left the junction, there was less.

We had quiet time. Just the sound of the tires to the road.

Finally, the companion thought it best to set up the tent. We had not received a ride and he didn't want to wait later, so he wouldn't have to put the tent up in the dark. We found a spot to hitch the tent. He starts to put it up but he can't get the stakes in the ground. They bend.

He looks at me and says: we will have to keep on biking, keep on walked, cause we can't put up the tent. And he quickly puts every thing into the contraption, and we get back on the road.

And within 15 minuets we get a ride!

This is a picture of me flying through the desert!

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