Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bicyclists, Help from Manuel

We got up and got moving from Salome to Parker. And it was not uneventful. The companion called this the worst day because of his mistakes. But that didn’t come out until later.

First we climbed a hill for about three miles or so. The companion noted that everyday starts up hill! Then we went down hill forever! It was a long down hill streach and we were moving! The companion as rearranged the contraption again, and suddenly, I’m all comfy! So the downhill we went, and met a bunch of bicyclist.

This time the companion got a photo. They all smiled and waved and said: OH look at the dog!

We then turned off that road and on the road to Parker, AZ. The turn was in Hope, AZ. This is the back of the welcome sign. Foreshadowing the day.

We turned and hit a headwind, and that wind didn’t stop for the rest of the day. It hit and hit and hit. Not really strong, about 9 miles per hour. But remember the companion only goes 8 miles per hour. He walked a lot, he rested a few times. But kept moving.

He said: we are going to be late, I’m worried.
I told him to calm down, and not worry. Rely on yourself, you can get us there, even if it is dark we’ll be ok.

He liked that, and kept moving. But the problem wasn’t the head wind, or how tired he was. The problem was he was out of food. All he had in the contraption was dry cereal. He taught he could make it to the store, in Hope. But the store was closed. And it was 15 miles to the next store. He was suffering.

Finally we found a store and had some lunch. And he felt good so we biked some more. We had 25 miles to go. But he kept going. Luckly, Manuel saw us and picked us up and drove us the last 15 miles to Parker. And this time, the companion asked his name!

Thank you Manuel!

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