Sunday, January 3, 2010


Here I am on the road to Las Lunas sitting at a bus stop. I"m sitting here because we had a flat. The companion put me on the bench so I wouldn't get any sand spurs in my feet. He fixed the flat and on we went. Well he didn't really fix it, he replaced it with the spare. He said he couldn't see any holes and he would need to put the tire in water to see the holes.

About 20 minuets later, the companion turned around and said: "Not again!" and he pulled over at a Walmart. One of the wheels of the contraption was flat. So he fixed it. It was only one hole. So he patched it up and we went on. This was good I think because he doesn't have a spare anymore.

We made it one mile before it went flat again. So we were stuck at the Lotaburger. Stephen and Jeremy drove out to us and took us home. When the companion looked at the tire and found that one tire had seven holes and one had five.

I just napped.

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