Saturday, January 23, 2010

Log Wagon, The Ting Tings

This is the Log Wagon Inn in Wickenburg, AZ. We have stayed here far to long, but the weather was cold and wet. So I’m not mad. But I fear the sitting around will get to the companion. He doesn’t do well when he has little to do. He tends to not do anything. More on that later. First the Inn.

The Log Wagon is all we need. Microwave and refrigerator. There is a TV so the companion can relax. The bed is nice and the room is good. They didn’t charge for me because I’m so sweet. The price is affordable and nice. We’ve had nice time I the hotel.

I enjoyed the screen door. The companion opens the door and I can lay on the floor and feel the fresh air, and just let the smells come up to me. Nice!

But what has caught my ears is the song “We Walk” by the Ting Tings. This is a fun group, that plays fun music and the Companion loves their stuff. If he is at the gym, he will watch their videos and not lift until it’s over. They are fun. I like them. And its so funny that the Companion likes them cause he mostly loves chamber music or choral music. Music for the companion reaches into him, and it causes things to happen to him that I pick up on.

Music will return him to a time, or recall memories for him. But he never sees the memory in his mind’s eye. If he did I would know what he was remembering. But he feels it. Music brings back the feelings of times gone by.

If the Companion listens to The Go! Team, then he starts to feel happy again. And sometimes dances around like a crazy man. It’s fun. He always says: Come on Antigone Dance with me! I never do such common things as dance.

But when the Ting Tings comes one with “We Walk” it means something else. It means he is remember The Overnight. It means he is remembering the depression. It means he may start writing. The Ting Tings sing this fun song with the lyrics “When it all goes wrong, we walk….Nothing makes you feel good.”

I think the song helps him. He is going to listen to that song repeatedly, then he’ll jump up and we will go for a walk.

But then he will write. I hope so. The companion’s joblessness is something that is odd to me. Because he is without work, I get to see more of him. And that I like. But when it goes on too long, the companion changes some, and I get worried.


  1. I could not believe what I read in my local paper, about a man and his basset. I have recently been very depressed and thought about suicide as my only option. But I could not leave my basset "Herbie" he is what stopped me. He is a basset only a mother could love, he's pretty bossy and I know no one could take care of him the way I do. We are very bonded and I think that's what keeps me alive somedays. So Antigone's story was a real blessing. There are people out there feeling the same as me. But who'll take care of our basset's? Thank You, Nobody special and her basset "Herbie".

  2. The picture of Antigone and her companion at the Golden Gate bridge brought tears to my eyes. This story has brought new hope into my life. Everyday I can't wait too see where Antigone has traveled. Truly an inspiration to one who is/was in same situation. Sincerly, Renee & "Herbie"