Friday, January 8, 2010

High Country Lodge, VLA

In Magdalena we found a lovely motel called the High Country Lodge. We have been traveling up hill most of the day and arrived kind of late, but not dark. I wasn’t allowed in the lobby because there is a restaurant connected to the lobby. The companion stayed in there a bit longer than I would have liked but he came out smiles. The lady who works there came out and said hello.

Well the room was nice, and I loved the bed. I just feel into the softness. I was asleep in no time. The companion said this: it’s clean, it’s nice, the bed is great! I’d stay here again!

Then we set out in the morning kind of early for us like 9:30. Heading for what the companion said was the VLA. No clue. But he said it was something he wanted to see, and that he wanted to stop at the visitors center. Well after four hours of biking we found the VLA.

Really? That’s it? I wasn’t that excited about it.

The companion determined that biking 4 miles off the path, and 4 miles back wasn’t possible. So we only got to see it from the distance. Well Ok. I’m not too sure I would have had any more fun than I was already having.

The VLA is like another one of the companions Roadside Attractions. But I put on a brave face cause he seemed to like it.

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