Thursday, January 14, 2010

The View, Help with Problems

We started the day in Heber-Overgaard heading up into a forest. I love the forest, I really do. The companion only saw one animal the whole day, but I smelled several. Oh there is lots of life in that forest. The forest is in the White Mountains of the Rockies. Which the companion realized finally he had to cross and could not go around.

Yes the companion has accepted the both Mary and Nissa know geography better he does, and the he had to cross the Rockies.
Nissa asked him ‘how are you crossing the Rockies?”
He said, “we are going around them.”
She didn’t skip a beat and didn’t look at him like he crazy and said, “they extend to Mexico.”

Mary asked how he was getting over the mountains in Arizona.
He said, “there are no mountains in Arizona.”
“Yes there are, I’ve seen them,” she said.

Well well well.

So we are crossing the Rockies in the White Mountians. And they are steep. The companion was told in town that he would be going downhill to Payson. No so. We went up and up and up. sometimes we did go down but not long and the right back up again. The companion learned later that he climbed over 1000 feet before we turned to go downward.

We were going down, and we were in the forest when we turned a corner and saw this! Amazing!

We were walking along the road looking at the view when Brian stopped and gave us a ride. He was going to Phoenix and the companion asked I we could ride the entire way. And it was a good thing he did. The road was dangerous for the bike and the contraption. There was no or little shoulder, and the mountains! They were huge going up and down and up and down. The companion would have died on the road to Mesa.

Sometimes help comes and something happens. The bike was in the back of the truck near a trailer attachment, and it was damaged there. The gears were bent. Brian felt so bad that he stopped and had it fixed at this amazing bike junk yard. We then put the bike back in and in a different place. But something happened along the way that bent the back wheel. The companion was like, oh well we will fix it.

Well I was proud of the Companion, he didn’t seem to be bothered about the problems at all. He was like “oh well get it fixed.” I think as much as he worries about getting upset or panicking he is doing so much better.

Brian was great to pick us up and drive us to a hotel. He saved us time but mostly he helped us get down the Rockies safely! Thank you Brian.

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