Friday, January 8, 2010

Datil, Mark the Hitchhiker

We arrived in Datil near dark. Datil was higher up the hill than Magdalena so its colder. We found the one hotel and checked in. Then the companion cleaned up and we went for a walk. The companion stopped at the motel office, which is also the grocery store, and café, and gas station. While he was in there he met Mark.

Mark is hitchhiking across the country, and the companion told him he could sleep on our floor if he wanted too. So he did. He came later and set up his bed. They talked and watched TV most of the night.

Mark gave me some attention too. He gave me some peanuts and I loved them. They were so good. Then we said good bye to Mark in the morning as he set out toward Idaho! Farewell Mark and have a safe trip!

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