Monday, January 4, 2010

Toward Snow, Lovely Biking

We took off this morning late. I was slightly irate and slighted relieved. I was hoping that the companion would delay it for another day. The hotel was cheap so I think it would be a good idea. But he gathered himself together and we left. He gets nervous at times. We've been bicycling for three months, but sometimes, when the money gets low, or when he doesn't know many people in front of us, he gets nervous.

I don't.

We started today in Socorro, and headed to Magdalena. Magdalena sits on top of a mountain. The companion did well today. He didn't complain too much. But he did say: "oh come on, for real, another hill to climb."

Well what did he expect? We are two days from the Continental Divide. Aka The Great Divide. We will be rising until it is to our back. Why he didn't listen to Mary back on day one, I don't know. She said to him: How are you going to cross the mountains? he says: we are going around them. She goes: you can't.

But nooooooooo, he has this idea in his head that can go around it. We can't.

We the day was still good biking and still fun. The mountains are really pretty. I think the companion worried about Mountain Lions. He kept trying to come up with a plan using the pepper spry.

Way to go mighty warrior!

We stopped on top of one of the many hills we crossed. The View was so lovely, I took a nap.