Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wind, Help, Motel

We started early today before 9am to go to Andrews, TX. The day started out well. We were moving along ok. It was up hill but not so bad.

Then the companion says: "Why can I not get going? It's like I can't move." And then he gets off the says. "We've got a flat."

We've? It was not on the contraption. It was on his bike and the front. So he pulls it off and fixes it. A man pulls up and offers help. The companion tells him that he fixed it and it was ok. But I was asking him for a ride. The companion tells me: he doesn't have room in that little car. So we got back on the bike.

Then the wind kicks up at 17mph from the south, southwest. Then companion can't overcome it. he keeps going but I can tell he's bet. after about 30 miles he starts walking the bike for a break. A truck passed us and then the companion stuck out his thumb. And that truck stopped! came back and picked us up!

Mike picked us up and drove us into town. He was a nice fella, goes bow hunting with his dog--I hope the companion heard that. Hunting would be cool.

Then we made it to this hotel. Its really cute.

loved me so much she let me stay free!

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