Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cold Temps, and Lovely Ladies

We are no in San Saba Texas. We left Lampasas this morning early in cold temps with no sunshine.

And that is how it stayed all day. There was some sun shine during the day. And I heard the companion say: wow its kind of nice when the sun comes out. Then back the sun would go.

So the path we took was out in now where. Lots for me to smell. All kinds of livestock in the area. You know Texas is really pretty. Long rolling hills, small mountains really. I know the companion is tired of hills, and he was talking on the phone when we got to home that his legs were so tired that he couldn't stand up!

Ok so we take a left in Lampasas and get on FM 508. About an hour after we turn, the companion says: Oh no, I forgot to get water. And we didn't find a store open until we got to San Saba! thats 40 miles or more. The companion was really beat and hungry most of the day.

So around 4pm the companion says: you need a walk. And he gets me out and we go walking down the road. Then this lady, Carol, stops her truck to talk to us. This is what I heard:

"Is everything ok," she says.
"Oh everything is fine, I'm just not sure where we are."
Well that was enough for me and I started to ask Carol myself if we could ride. I don't know why the companion waited so long. Luckily Carol understood and offered to drive us the five or ten miles into towns. She was such a sweetie. Made me feel so comfortable in her truck. And pet me and gave me all kinds of love.

We said our good byes, and the companion heading to the store. He put me outside, as he always does, walks in then walks right back out, grabs me and takes me in. He talked to Shannon the lady who works there. She said, Its too cold out there for her to stand.

How did we meet two really sweet and nice ladies on the day the companion said: this was the first time I really felt lonely, there was nothing around.

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