Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The End Point Changes

This is the photo that the Companion showed me today.

He said: This is the Golden Gate Bridge, Antigone. It is now our the end point of our bike ride. But its an extra 600 miles for us to travel. But it will be ok. We have to go to this bridge.

I looked at him and said: Why?

He said: From this week, about twice a month, or every other week, someone dies by suicide. We have to go there.

So its on to The Golden Gate Bridge, where we will cross it (although I'm no so sure I'm going up there)then find a spot in the park and walk into the Pacific to end the bike tour with drama (although I'm not sure I'll be getting my feet wet in that water.)

If what the Companion says is true about the number of people suffering from suicidal thoughts: then we must go! I remember when the companion was having those thoughts, I remember the fear, I remember the images in his mind--but I don't want to talk about them--they are too horrible.

I hope it helps others! So we will go!


  1. this is an awesome guy and i really look up to him,cuz there is no way i could do this and there is no way alot of people could do what he is doing!and to be carrying around all the stuff with him is amazing and i give him 10000 thumbs up.!

    Dakota Dunn
    10th hour (mrs Fitzgerald)

  2. Companion,
    Your trek is wonderful and seems to be so healing for you. That makes me so happy. If someone that has the same thoughts as you had and reads this just maybe it will change their way of thinking. You may never know for sure how many lives you touch. I don't think you are doing it for recognition but have the gift to reach someone else that feels there is no other way. Stay true to your dream.