Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wind and Church

Well here we are still in Big Spring, and the companion got all excited about these wind things. Windmills he calls them. They harvest wind, he says. They make electricity. Harvest wind? Who ever heard of such. Like that can be harvested. But I agree with him--they look wild! sort of like giants, he said.

Ok Don Quixote!

And here we arrived at the church in Big Spring. This is the first time he's gone to mass since we started, even though he's had a couple of chances. He first had to go to confession. I hope he confessed leaving me tied up for three hours. Well he went to confession then came out, then went back to mass.

He stood where we could see each other, but I'm not sure why. He stood with his back toward me. I do not like that, so a couple of times I barked at him to get him to come out. And he did. Still a good day.

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