Thursday, December 10, 2009

Flats, Hills, Help

There is a lot to cover today, so lets get started so I can get to bed.

We started the day early at 9:30am from Robert Lee. We had not made it out of the garage the companion says: Oh we've got a flat. And its the same flat the he has fixed twice already.

We stop at the store and he pumped it up, and it went right down. So he fixed it and it went down again We walked over to a tire repair store and got it fixed.

Off we sent for 44 miles starting out two hours later.

We have to climb out of the valley today and this won was taken at the top!

We kept going. The companion was making good time for a while but he couldn't beat the sun. It began to set and he was worried that he wouldn't get us to Colorado City before the sun set. And he started to hitchhike. No luck. Well there isn't much traffic!

Then he's back on the bike and he looks back and says something I will not repeat. "We've got another flat." Its a different tire this time. But its flat. He pumps it up and is looking at When along comes Cecile. He gives us a ride to town, and takes us by the radio station and we get an interview!

We are now in Colorado City, Texas

Great Day! Oh hello Grand mom and Grand dad.

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