Friday, December 11, 2009

The Companion Gets Sad, and Weird

The Companion and set out from Colorado Springs Texas today. Early. He fixed the tire and we were moving by 10am. Really good for him I can tell you! We biked along the the highway 20, and I didn't care for it too much. Not bad, but too open, too windy, too noisy. Luckily Cecile found us again and helped us in the last 12 miles. I couldn't believe we were so close!

But the Companion got a little sad today. We had an interview with the radio station yesterday. That interview was aired this morning. That was cool.

Then outside of Colorado City, we stopped to eat. And as the companion was standing in line to get food a man asked him how the biking was going. He had seen us earlier, and had heard us on the radio. Then a lady asked me if I were the hound she heard about on the radio! Wow! It felt so good to hear that people heard us.

But then the first man came out and told the companion: "It was really good that you told people about the crisis phone number."

"Yeah," he said, "I think that's the most important piece of imformation."

"We've had a lot of suicides here," the man said. "Something like 14 in the past 5 years."

The companion was speechless. And after he was off the phone with his mom, he called Nissa and left a message telling her, and I think he's going to call Katherine and tell her this weekend, (that's what he said), and he called Jeff and told him.

"But what I don't know is, has the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention done something in this area? Do they even know about this?"

When we got to the hotel, he got right on the internet and sent an email to the closet chapter.

I understand why he is upset! Fourteen deaths by suicide in such a small area is really high. it comes to three a year. I think he is just hoping to get someone, what he calls a professional (which he says he is not) to get up there and stop this trend.

I'm on his side on this one.

But what he did that was weird was get a photo of this clown. He hates clowns! he's scared of clowns!

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