Friday, December 4, 2009

Texas Snow

The companion is on the phone with his mother:
"Can you believe it? Snow in Texas!"

Is that odd, I wondered.

"Yeah, look at the map on the weather channel. There is snow and snow & Rain in Central and south Texas."

We get snow all the time, I thought. I mean every year there is snow. Why did he thing this one would be different.

"We went south to get out of the snow and here it is. And its going to be coming down all day, I'm sure."

So he talks to his mom about this great snow thing in Texas, and I sleep. It is kind of cold out today, and he said we would be staying in doors today. Unless the Brady newspaper would like to run a story about us. then he says we will bike down to the courthouse, more scenic for photos.

I"m not biking in the snow. I have rules, and that's one of them.

Then the housekeeper comes to the room and she and the companion talk. she says: "We've never had this much snow in Brady."

Really? This must be really odd for this place.

So our bike ride has been one challenge after another, and each time we overcome it. I was worried he would say: ok lets just give up and stop. But last night I remember him saying to Gerry: "I had said we would stop if we ran into unusual bad weather when we got to Texas, but now that we are here--oh no we are moving on!"

Way to go Companion!

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