Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Companion Works?

So last night the companion tells me he has a job for the night. He says he'll be back around 3am. I just wonder what kind of work goes on at that time of the night.

He comes back before 3am, and I can smell the booze on him. Working? Really? Really!

He says the he worked as a casino dealer, dealing Blackjack. Riiiight. I know he has never dealt cards in his life. I know that he place on his computer. Well he has these pictures to prove it.

I still question.

He did come back saying this: "I know that I've had a rough time with life over the past years, but I've been in fairly good health. And dealing cards for these two and hearing their brief stories of rough health, made me realize that I'm very lucky."

He then continued: "I was really inspired by them."

Well if they inspired him, then his work was ok!

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