Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Short Bike Ride

Today the Companion finally got unlazy and we went for a short bike ride on the trial.

The Companion likes to wake me from a nap with this: lazy girl, you are just a little lazy girl.

I usually ignore him.

But this week he has been lazy himself. He’s spent so much time in the hotel, I’ve started to think this is home and we are not ever going to leave. And he eats snacks a lot, and hides them from me. Like I can't hear the Doritos bag opening. Lazy companion.

So after his on the computer and on the phone and watched some TV, he gets this idea that we should bike down town and see some things. He pulled out the bike and contraption and loaded me, and off we went.

We didn’t go down town. The trail, the bike trail joined a road, and the companion didn’t like it. He said: I really don’t want to bike with traffic in town because New Mexico has a high rate of DUIs and uninsured drivers. So we turned around and went back, passed the hotel and kept going.

The trail was lovely, its quiet and high above the city. Not much in the way of smells because there is still traffic near, and on one side of us was what looked like a cement river. After an hour we sat down at Lotaburger and had lunch. I had a hotdog, and he had a burger. The ladies at the burger joint liked me and waved at me from inside.

I was wearing my hat, but I’m sure it was because of me and not my attire.


  1. Antigone, you are always welcome in my yard. I'll even save a bone for you! ;)