Monday, December 14, 2009

Great Day

What a great day! The companion got on the phone this morning and got some interviews set up. One happened today, and one will happen in the morning. That means, we had to stay another day! Great. I rested for a while, until the reporter showed up for photos. He and the companion then talked for a while.

Then we were picked up by Kimberly and Brandon. They are married and live here in Andrews. They showed us around town and took us to Cpl Ray's Cafe. The companion loved the coffee and the cafe as well. They sat around on the patio for a while talking and laughing, while I layed and relaxed in the sun! This is Brandon and Kimberly.

Now let me tell you about Cpl Ray's Cafe. The companion liked it mostly because of why the cafe is there. Cpl Ray was killed in the line of Duty, and his parents open this cafe in memory of him. Well that is lovely. The companion told me that he was touched by this. It's hard to lose a child, and this is a lovely way to remember him and to inspire others.

After coffee we walked for a long time, longer than I like. But we were looking for something. We found it: a home where the humans love to adopt senior bassets. At one time Sheri and Terry had 12 but now they have only 6. Sheri said that they had recently lost three within three weeks. So sad, but I keep thinking about how thankful I am that they gave homes to the old bassets. Senior Bassets often do not find homes quickly, and sometimes not at all. See people want a dog that will be with him for a long time, and seniors may only stay with their human for a few years. I understand the difficulty with this, so i'm really thankful for people like Sheri and Terry--they welcome the seniors in, and love them and send them to the bridge being happy and having a home.

I think this is one thing I havn't talked about. Dogs that do not have homes, dog that are sent to the bridge in a shelter, leave us feeling alone. What a horrible feeling. But you can help by adopting, by fostering, by responsible breeding. Sorry I don't mean to preach.

Here is Sheri with some of the bassets. And then all the bassets in the yard! Great dogs!

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