Friday, December 18, 2009

Roswell, UFO Museum Rocks!

Roswell has Aliens! The companion wanted to come here because he says that aliens must exist. Must they?

We started the day off with rocks. We ran around downtown. The Companion needed to repair the bike and wanted to get a bath for me. We couldn't find the bike repair but found the groomer. To my relief, the companion thought the owner was rude, so we didn't stay. Ha! No bath for me! We then made our way to the UFO Museum.

The Companion was going to leave me outside while he ran in to get post cards. Well he came back in like two minutes, totally excited.

"You get to come in!"

At the UFO museum in Roswell, pets are allowed! I loved it. I was kind of tired, so while the companion was looking at exhibit, I would relax and get some nap time. I loved it, so nice that they let pets in. They must understand the connection with dogs and their humans! They understand that we dogs want to be with our humans, even if we don't understand what they are doing.

Here we are going into the UFO Museum in Roswell, NM where they allow pets. We were not the only dogs in the museum! Totally fun. And of course the staffed loved on me, and asked the companion questions about our journey!

Roswell was fun!
We are waiting on the Companion's friend, Mark to come and take us to his house!

Roswell was fun!

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