Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hobbs, Tatum, Help

We arrived in New Mexico a couple of days ago. Hobbs was our first overnight stop. I wasn’t happy with that town. It wasn’t really clean and it wasn’t really friendly. But most of all the hotels didn’t want to allow dogs.

There we were in trouble: it was dark, and we were still biking. And the first hotel wouldn’t let us stay. So we found another, but the companion said it was too expensive for us and not friendly. Finally at the third hotel, he got a good price and got me in free. I liked the place: America Value Inn. I think it was called.

But I wanted to leave Hobbs. So up in the morning early I woke us. I told the companion that he should try to hitchhike some so we could get to Tatum early. If we got there early, he could hitchhike from there to Roswell. He agreed and tried.

We were able to get a short ride from outside of Lovington to the Tatum highway. But then the land flatten out and the companion was biking really well. He tried to get a lift but no such luck. After a while he realized that he could make it easily. So on he went! We got there early anyway.

But no one picked us up, so we had to stay in Tatum. At their one hotel. I’m not going to go into it. It wasn’t bad but: “I don’t want the dog on the bed,” the woman said. The companion just looked at her. She went on, “I don’t want her hair all over the bed. I don’t want to wash it.”

I thought the companion would faint right there. I know I nearly did. She didn’t want to wash the bedding after we left. She said she meant only the bed spread but I’m not sure I believe that.

The road to Roswell is long, barren, and long. All day long the companion tried to get us a ride and it was not to happen. I felt bad for him because he looked so silly. He would wave at the trucks, he would put his thumb out, he would do all sorts of things to get the attention of the trucks.


Finally around 2:15pm, a man stopped and picked us up and drove us the last 40 miles or so to Roswell. We had done 30 miles already that day. He was really nice, made a nice space for me to lay down on the seat, told us about Roswell, and drove us all the way to the hotel. But leave it to the companion to forget to find out what his name is. So its just Nice Man.

Thank you Nice Man for your help! We really needed it!


  1. Marshall and Antigone - your story has touched my heart. I was in a similar place a couple of years ago too but for the love of my three dauschunds and my sister, I made it through. I also ride a bike. I pray that you and Antigone get through New Mexico and Arizona safely on your way to the ocean. I will pray for both of you every nite. ~ Marty (

  2. Dear Antigone, I did not like Hobbs much either when I moved there in my teens, but found out that inspite of the really awful smell when the wind was wrong, there were lots of wonderful folks living in Hobbs. Sorry you did not meet any of them. We just adopted a rescue dog from his foster home. He is barking a phantom coyotes right now.