Saturday, December 20, 2014

An excerpt from Antigone's book

This excerpt is taken from Antigone's book. I thought it would be nice to share a photo with a meme (something you can share with your friends) with quotes from her book, and to give a short excerpt. A taste of her work. Please feel free to comment and to share with your friends. In this eexcerpt Antigone is trying to communicate with me (The Companion) telepathically. (Her diolague is marked with a dash). Communicating with me is one of our struggles as we crossed the country.

--Keep going. You are doing great. It’s hard to do what you are doing with my Lady Wind working this way, I said to him. Even though I kept giving him positive reinforcement, I was unsure he heard me.

I don’t understand why he doesn’t hear me all the time. He hears me I’m sure from time to time because he does what I want him to do. Sometimes I like to sit on the sofa in the corner that he has warmed up for me, and it has his scent strongly. I’ll walk up to him, sit and look at him and say,
--I’d like to sit in that corner please.

He’ll look up from his work and stare at me for a second. There is a delay when talking to humans. “You want your corner don’t you?” Then he gets up and moves.

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