Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Remembering Thanksgivings of the Past

It has been nearly a Moon since I’ve blog. I must admit that I am a bit on the lazy side at times, but in this case I blame the Companion. He is working on my book making sure things like Themes and motifs and symbols are “all running through the book nicely.” His words not mine. For me it was enough to tell my story, our story that is. It was enough for me to bicycle across the country and relive the moments of my life that I had chosen to forget. Reliving my life in the puppy mill was bad and dictating that to the Companion were both enough for me. Reliving watching the Companion plan his death and dictating to him how I felt during that was enough for me.

But he says, we need to pull some things out more blah blah blah. If it makes him happy, then ok.

It has been a week since Thanksgiving and I feel like remembering this a bit. I feel like remember the Thanksgivings of my life.

There was no such thing as Thanksgiving at the puppy mill. It was a day like any other day, no cause for celebration. There was no energy of happiness or joy anywhere there. These Thanksgivings, as I look back, were times of sorrow and pain. Times of having puppies and watching them taken from me too soon and feeling that sorrow. Wondering who their companions were, and what had happen to them. Hoping that my next litter would be allowed to stay until their humans came and got them. But knowing it wouldn’t happen.

There are two Thanksgivings that stand out as wonderful times for me. The first one that he Companion and I went to visit his family. This is the last time he has seen them. We went down to see them by car, that his mom rented for us. This was in the middle of the depression, while his suicidal thoughts were less, they would come back from time to time. But I think the visit home was good for him. It did help if only to be away and surrounded by people who whould miss him if he did die by suicide. This is something he sees now, but at the time the depression clouded his thoughts.

For me that Thanksgiving was about realizing I had a family. The Companion’s family all loved me, and gave me lots of attention. The kids played with me a lot. Grandma wouldn’t let me on the sofa, so when she left the room I would sit in her chair. Dogs like to be on the sofa because it is soft, but your smells are there and we feel so close to you when we can lay with those smells near us. It is comforting to have the feeling that family is near by.

I got to eat so much food too. I remember that ham bone! Yummm! This is the family, except for granddad. He had gotten tired and left while we stayed on the beach and played with the camera some more.

Last year’s Thanksgiving was memorable too. We stayed with Jennifer for ten days! I got to rest as much as I wanted too. And had company with me when the Companion and Jennifer went out. Jennifer had a dog, who since then has gone to the bridge. What a wonderful life Jennifer gave her! Dogs need humans!

That Thanksgiving was in the middle of the journey! It was so wonderful to be out doing something to help others. I will never forget my feelings of victory, my feelings of joy that I had that Thanksgiving. I will never forget the smells of the Companion! The scent of the depression was gone and he was smelling like he’s old self again. This picture is of the newspaper article done about us. You can see Jennifer in the background. So much of the journey was about the Companion finding old friends, lost by time space. I think this helped him become grounded again, and has helped now while he continues to search for a job. He knows and feels deeply he has people to turn too, people who want him to stay around for a while.

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday! I hope you all celebrated it!

The Companion asked me to keep the details out of this blog today, because I give the details in the book. I’m thankful that I have written, and I hope we find an agent soon and get it published.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What We Are Doing

We are still working on my book, but it is really finished. Sometimes the Companion pulls it out and reads in it, and finds something that isn't clear, and we work it out.

I noticed how he looks so proud reading it. I like it too.

We are looking for an agent to help us get the book published. This means the Companion has to do a lot of work. He is looking on line at similar books. Thee more he looks the more he finds. Who know so many humans had been touched by a dog? I'm not surprised.

So the Companion finds books that look similar, and then tries to find the agent for that book. Sometimes he finds it, sometimes not. But anyway. He's finding books and other authors with such beautiful stories. Right now we are reading two of them _Amazing Gracie_ and _The Art of Racing in the Rain_. Gracie he reads to me, but Racing he doesn't. He started reading it to me but I wasn't sure I agreed with Enzo on a few points. I don't need thumbs, nor care that I do not have any. Why so I can type. That's why I got a typist!

So we are looking for an agent, and the Companion says it should be a literary agent. Let us know if you have any leads for us to track down.

With the recent attention to suicides, I'd like to get the book published so others can know that hope is there.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogger Award from Pets Direct UK

Today the Companion checked my email, and that I had won an award! I don't know much about it, but it seems that someone named John nominated me. This is why he awarded us the award.

# A Unique Blog From a Whole New And Interesting Perspective.
# A Useful and Unique Blogger Resource
# Great Literature and/or Informational Quality
# Helping the Preservation and General Well Being of A Specific Breed Type.
# Showing a True Love For a Specific Breed or Pet Type.

It is nice to get these kinds of things. I know that the Companion feels good when we get compliments or comments.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aids Walk Portland 2010

Today we did the Aids Walk Portland. Lots of fun!

First we biked downtown in a misty rain. It wasn’t so bad, we’ve been in worse. But I could tell the Companion wasn’t pleased. He always feels guilty about such things. There was little traffic today and we were alone on the roads most of the time.

I don’t like being in the rain, but a misty air can clean up the air. A misty air helps scents stay put and not travel away from a place. So I wasn’t really bothered by the mist as we were biking. Once we got to the meeting point, the mist stopped and it was fine.

There were lots of people and I was so excited to be there and give them all a sniff. The Aids Walk helps to support prevention, education and other things with HIV here locally. The Companion was happy about that. He wants to support organizations locally.

Would you be surprised to hear that his obsession with roadside attractions isn’t over? He saw this thing and couldn’t wait to get a picture of me in front of it. This was a big dog fetching a paper for his companion. I don’t care for fetching myself, but if other dogs like it, that’s ok.

We then started walking with a drum line leading the way. It was so loud, and I could feel the vibrations of the drums all over my body. This just got me so excited and I ran head of the Companion. I’d run to the left and right and back and forth. It was so fun.

But it was a lot of walking for a hound to do at once, 2.5 miles! At once! I was done! done! at then end. But so much fun! The Companion would giggle every time I ran in a different direction. I heard him say once, “I knew you’d have fun, but this much fun I didn’t foresee.”

Well it makes a body feel good when you do positive things!

This is me after the walk! So tired! So happy!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pier Park, Oregon the Right Choice!

Today the Companion and I got on the bike and went for a short bike ride to Pier Park. This little park is very close to us and i don't know why we've not gone before now. The Companion clams it is because I have to stay on the leash, but I think it is because he didn't know about it.

Well it is beautiful. We parked the bike and walked for nearly an hour through the park. It is so full of huge trees, I thought we were back on the Katy Trial. There is some kind of game that the humans play in the park, and many had their dogs walking with them. The Companion called the game Frisbee Golf. It looked fun to the Companion, and he said we would come back with some friends and play. For me this means walking around the park more slowly and getting a chance to stop and sniff.

We walked slowly today and I just loved it. there are several kinds of animals living there Mostly squirrels and birds, but some others too. I felt sure that rabbits had infiltrated the park, and my mission this light was to find out as much as I could. I'll do a few more of these missions, before planning a rabbit clearing.

One of the things I noticed from the Companion is a mixture of fear and thankfulness. Coming to Oregon the way we didn't was more adventure than hardship, more fun than stress. Oh we had some difficulty but in the end, I think we both miss the work we were doing. The Companion is still struggling to find a job, and the scent of fear was around him today. But as we walked through this incredible park, I could smell the thankfulness that we are in Oregon, and that we have found a new Forever Home. Everyone has been nice to us, and welcomed us, and make us both feel apart of the world. But for the Companion, this connection to others has helped him fight away depression. Oregon was the right Choice!

I am thankful too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meeting Local Artist

So the Companion’s interest in Roadside Attractions doesn’t stop after he’s had a few Margaritas. No the definition of a roadside attraction is broaden.

On Sunday, after the car wash, the companion and I sat with some of the guys and had some food, and he had some margaritas. Then when we left to come home. We passed by this man, painting on the wall. It is a canvass and it is being used for a commercial. He had a deadline of the next day, and would be painting most of the night and morning.

Does this prevent the Companion from stopping and getting a photograph of me with the artist while he was working and have to finish the work quickly. Oh no, the Companion treated it like a roadside attraction.

I found it slightly rude. And I kept telling the Companion he was being rude, but he wasn’t listening. I think the Artist heard me and thought I was talking about him because he apologized for being rude and ignoring the Companion. Why apologize? He was working! The Companion was rude.

Still, I thought it was fun to meet a local artist. The Companion loves art and loves to go to museums. For his birthday one year he had a painting of his family done. But I wasn’t in it. He had commissioned it before I was adopted.

So I think he is always looking for an artist to do a portrait of us to memorialize our journey across the country. Which I never say this, but I am so proud of what we did. Reaching out and helping the others really helped the Companion get himself up and going again.

Now all we need is a job and he can find an artist to memorialize our journey.

To find out more about this artist go to: I think I’ll start a new section called: My favorite artists!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adidas, Veterans, Suds

On Sunday the Companion and I went for a short bicycle ride down town. Now that he has taken me across a bridge, he is no longer afraid or nervous about doing it. He's a pro now. Well we went down a beautiful and not to busy road. In the middle of the down hill was this place called Adidas. With this huge shoes in front. Of course we had to stop and get a photo.

I wish he hadn't. Not that it was a bad statue, no I liked it. But it was on the down hill, and the wind was feeling so good!

So we were going to a fundraiser for the Veterans for Human Rights. This is a group that the Companion wanted to join. Although he's not sure what they do. What it is for him is meeting more people, being apart of a group that is doing something for others, and they are veterans. He is too. And I think this is good.

how different would it have been in Chicago, if he had these connections? How different would is life have been if he had volunteer from time to time. Now in Portland, I've been telling him, he has to be more involved in the community. And now that the book is at a place that he feels ok with it. He is doing that, he is volunteering. Since going down yesterday to meet the veterans, he has gotten some encouragement. One of the men works at the VA. They talked and he suggested to the Companion to volunteer at the VA.

This would be a great idea. He could get some references and he could meet some people and maybe get a job. There! Good idea!

The Fundraiser was a car wash done by shirtless men in sailor hots. The event was called Studs 'N Suds. I'm not for water, so i stayed in the back ground. There was a DJ and lots of people getting their car washed! Great time!

We then went to have some food at the restaurant who was allowing their parking lot to be used for the car wash. The Companion had a burger and got me some bacon!


Friday, July 16, 2010

St. Johns Brige, Dove Lewis

Today was another great day! So sunny in Portland and so lovely. The Companion and I did something we have not done before. We went to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital to do some volunteer work. It was so fun.

First we had to cross the St Johns Bridge. We live in north Portland, but more correctly, St Johns. St. Johns was once its own town. We go for walks in town and sit and have coffee at the Starbucks. But I've never crossed the bridge before. Today we did. So fun. And after you get to the top of it you fly down the hill!

There are lots of bridges all over Portland. The Companion has biked across them a few times, but he has not taken me across them.

We went to Dove Lewis to volunteer. I don't have the right kind of digits, so I couldn't help. I just oversaw what was going on. Everyone in the office stopped and said hello to me and was really kind. We are going to go back on Monday.
Dove Lewis is Portland's Emergency Hospital doing critical care. They do things that very few are certified to do. The are open 24 hours, and the help people who can't pay with assistance.

But they do much more. They train dogs and cats and their humans to volunteer as therapy pets. Something the Companion things is not for me, because I don't do basic obedience. Well I don't care for obedience commands. At Dove Lewis you can go to group sessions to help you when your companion goes to the bridge.

Dove Lewis has a blood bank. Several dogs in the area come to donate blood just like a human might do. But I'm not heavy enough to donate, and I've had puppies before. So I'm not qualified. The criteria for cats is even harder, so when the find cats that meet it, they live in the hospital! How about that!

We will be going back on Monday. But I think we should go do some of the community programs so I can blog about them!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Celebrating Freedom!

This weekend was July 4th! I went to a BBQ to celebrate! I had so much fun! I love human holidays, I always get lots of food. And food I don't normally get. I got ice cream and a hamburger, and some hot dogs! and not just small bites either. I got lots of food.


Cause the Companion said, "It's a holiday, its a celebration, and food is one of the best ways to celebrate. But not when someone tells you you can't have it, or you shouldn't. Today is a day celebrating Freedom."

That's what the Companion said we are celebrating Freedom.

In my book, I talk a bit about Freedom, it is a new word for me. Because I was born and lived in a puppy mill for my early life. And Freedom isn't something we enjoyed.

I am happy now that I am a house dog, with a sofa, and a Companion and I enjoy many freedoms that I never dreamed of when I was in the puppy mill. I want to remind and ask that as we move into this week and this Moon, that we think about all the animals that are not free, that do not enjoy the freedoms I'm enjoying and we support bring an end to puppy mills.

Please remember that rescues are helping this battle by taking in the dogs and giving them foster homes. This is how I found my companion. So you can help rescues too. As the economy continues to be bad, rescues are having problems. Their biggest problem is that we do not have enough foster homes and many dogs are being turned away. Please consider becoming a foster parent for your local rescues.

But to celebrate freedom I want to list the things I have the freedom to do now, that I didn't have in the puppy mill

I am free to sleep inside.
I am free to sleep on the sofa
I am free to get loving from the Companion.
I am free to feel the sunshine.
I am free to go on walks.
I am free to be alone.
I am free to sleep next to the Companion.
I am free to have good healthy food.
I am free to write my book.
I am free to ride across the country on a bicycle.
I am free to go to BBQs.
I am free to go to the vet (don't really like it, but I can do it).
I am free to know that life isn't supposed to be what it was in the puppy mill.

Happy 4th!

Here I am looking at the Companion wondering why he's not giving me more food. I knew there was more food in that house. But he sat and took a picture of me instead.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


That's what I'm doing! That's why I've not been blogging. I've been sleeping and the Companion has been working on my book!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Me and Paul

Sunny Day in Portland, and that means a bit of bicycling for the companion and me. WE didn't start off without trouble though.

The Companion is convinced that the tires need inflating, so he did. A bit too much. We started out and with in two blocks--BAM!--big explosion. Back tire blew out. So we walked back to the house. And walked over to the bike shop and got new tires. For the front too. Seeing how we've been on these tires from day one, and have biked over 3000 miles on them. I think it is time for a change.

The we went for a bike ride. To see this "Life size statue of Paul Bunyan." Yes he told me we were going to see a "life size" statue of Paul.

I don't believe it. I do not believe that he was that tall.

But this is another one of the companions roadside attractions that he loves so much. Its a statue of a guy with an ax. Wow! But the companion was all excited. He said that since it was such an important person in American History it made up for it not having a sign that says 'roadside attraction'.

Well how about that.

here I am up close next to the feet. They are as big as the companion. Life size. Who does he think he's kidding.

I do like my new flag!

Monday, May 31, 2010

My Tooth, The Puppy Mill Legacy

I've said many times that I put the puppy mill behind me and only thing back to when the Companion came to get me and take me to my forever home. As we work on my book, I have to think about those times some more. But, I also put them back in the past and move on from it.

Today, I remembers going to the vet for the first time with the Companion. The question that the vet asked the companion about my age. That's unknown. So the vet examined my teeth, and said, "her teeth are too bad, I can't determine her age."

in the puppy mill, we were not given good food, or any vet care. No vet care at all. And my teeth were really bad. The Companion's vet said, "She is going to have to have surgery on her teeth. The gums are receding." It wasn't something that we had to do right away, but would have to be done in a few years."

Today one of my teeth fell out. It was a back one. I'm not in pain. I feel good. it had been hurting me some over the past few weeks. Sometimes when the companion would hit it I would yelp. He thought I had an infection in my ears.

My tooth is because we are not important when we live in a puppy mill.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something New!

The Companion left for several hours today and said the was going to the store. He came back with some new shirts, and a big box. Then after he talked with Brian the roommate, he went into garaged. But he left me in the house. Brian would come in and out saying, it's still a surprise, you have to wait.

A surprise? It's not Christmas.

So I waited.

When the Companion came back in, he went up stairs to get a few things. Then he put my seat belt on me, and my bonnet. The bonnet and seat belt mean, that we are going on the bike. But we don't have a Contraption anymore.

Well now we do! the Companion has bought a brand new Contraption. It is yellow. I love the yellow, it matches my bonnet. It even came with a flag! I love the flag, but I think we need to get one that is white and has my picture on it! Here we are in my new Contraption.

But now he is of course talking about taking a bike tour around Oregon, or going to Seattle, or crossing Wyoming. I say we go home and visit is poor old mother and father. It has been three years nearly, since he has seen them. But he says, that might be too far.

oh its 3000 miles. Really that's too far. I'm going to push for a visit to see his family. Now that it is summer he can bike longer than 50 miles in a day, he can do 70 miles!

I say we go to visit his mom and dad!
Here we are on a bike trail in Portland! Look how pretty the grass is! I can't wait to smell the rest of Portland and Oregon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meeting Up with Bassets

Coming out west has been a great adventure for us. But the trip here is just the start. The real adventure for the Companion is to find a new life. He wants to change himself. This means doing more socially in the community. The Light before this light was the start of this in Portland.

We went to a basset meet up group. There is a group of people who discuss parks in portland, and meet at the same time so their bassets can meet each other. I liked it but some of those bassets were too rambunctious for me. They were very active and very playful. I enjoyed seeing the companion talking with the other humans, and getting and making new connections. Seeing the Companion looking for ways for us to do things together with others makes me feel great. It makes me think that he is really working on not being depressed.

Another thing that makes me really happy to see is that he is again writing. When we first met each other, he would write every day. But that ended when he was depressed. And Thanks to me and my book, he is back at it, and feeling wonderful.

When we were at the basset meet up, I met this handsome boxer bull dog.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing about the Desert

In the desert, it is senseless to look outward to be engaged, the sky, the brush, the land are completely washed into one another leaving you no choice but to look inward to troubling and forgotten memories.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tracking Warmed-up Hot Dogs

This morning is not so rainy, so the Companion thought it would be fun for us to go tracking. This is me waiting on him to finish laying the trail so I can find that sock. He always wants me to find a sock.

Tracking is possibility the most fun ever! I get so excited when we do it. But I also get tired. It takes a lot of energy to follow a path. But about me finding and following the trail to the prize. I've got to sniff and follow the one trail that will lead to the sock, and a pile of warmed up hot dog. I love warmed up hot dog.

This is a game that uses my natural nose, and is fun. We play in the house to but not with warmed up hot dog, and not like this. Here he lays the trial, I find and follow. And along the way I get a bit of warmed up hot dog. Yuummmm. In the house, he tosses the treat and I have to find it. Some times its in the hallway, sometimes on the stairs, some times on the sofa. In the house I have to focus my nose on the treat, and find it. But since there no trail leading to it, I have to search all the areas and find it.

Here I am tracking. You can tell I'm tracking and not just walking because I've got my red Guardian Angel Basset Rescue leash on. You know how he is with the signals.

Today we did something new with our game. Today he turned a corner. I'm following the trail along the way going forward, suddenly it turned to the right, and went in a new direction. I handled it like a pro.

This is Assumption Catholic Church, at Assumption Village. It is two blocks from my house, and here is were we did our tracking, and I turned the corner like a pro. I'm so glad the Companion insisted I be in the picture. Aren't you?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On Writing

I told the Companion about the comments about writing. This is what he had to say.

"Writing for me is rewriting. I'm a rewriter. I love the phase when I work with a text to shape it more, and to develop more themes and ideas. The first draft is always the hardest for me to accomplish."

So he started this morning reading the my story and reworking it. He does have a bit of a smile on his face. But lets remember what he said, that I posted on my fan page on face book, "I think this text displays my writer's aesthetic and is defiantly from my writing point of view." No more Project Runway for him. NO more.

There will be a war in this house if he uses tired phrases like, out of the box, and push the envelope.

Monday, April 26, 2010

First Draft

Oh poor Companion so tired. He left and went to Starbucks to finish the draft. He came back with a draft completed. As I hoped he would.

He came in, laid on the sofa, my sofa, and pulled the hoodie down and went to take a nap. I'll have to keep my eye on him, so that he doesn't get lazy. A completed draft is not a completed book.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Writing is Memory

I sometimes think it was so long ago that my companion seat-belted me into the contraption, and we started out on the bicycle journey across the country. But it was only six moons ago. The beginning is at times cloudy, like the rainy days that started our journey. While other parts of it are in sweet sunshine, and the memory of it warms like the sun that streams in the window on the sofa I love to sleep and spend my days. The journey was not my idea, and one that I would have originally said no too. But having done it, having seen and smelled so much of America, I’m so glad we did it. I know the Companion feels really proud, and so do I: I’m proud of what we accomplished! But now its time to think back to those early days of journey.

It is time for us to write. To focus and to remember all the stories. The Companion, who prides himself on his memory, is having trouble. He's having trouble remembering so much.

It isn't that. It isn't that at all and he knows it. He knows that when he focuses his mind on remembering, he remembers well. But has he types, I can see changes in him, in his mood. It's not bad, its not even something I worry about. Well worry about too much.

He thinks of this work, as apart of our greatest accomplishment, as the final, the ending of the journey. And like when he diverted to go see Jenifer (150 miles out of the way) he diverts the work, so that he can continue to enjoy the journey.

Because, he felt most alive there alone with me and the bicycle. It was that purpose.

He is learning to find new purposes. Like pictured here: taking dictation. Type on!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Thank You

This week I received an email from another Dog who blogs. Scoop has a blog called The Daily Dog Scoop. Its really interesting. Scoop Blogs about so much concerning dogs.

Thank you for sharing our story with your readers! This is the best way to encourage others, I think. When humans talk to each other about these issues, suicide and animal rescue, others get involved.

Please be sure to go to Scoop's Blog and check it out. I've also included it in my favorite blogs list.

OH and by the way. If you are on Facebook, become a fan of me, Antigone Puppleupagus.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Welcoming Oregon

A few Lights ago, an article about us was printed in the Oregonian. This has happened a few times for us before. But this time, we didn't do anything: they came to us! The companion was really excited about it. The article was really nice and both the companion and I liked it.

Since the article was published we've been sent lots of lovely messages of welcome! The companion is feeling really good too. And I know his spirits are lifted. He's been happy a lot but I think he's feeling less important.

I think he misses the purpose we had while on the bike ride. For some reason he doesn't see writing my story as purposeful as the bike ride. I think he needs to get out more and move his body. I've encouraged him to do this . He would work on my blog more when he had been bicycling all day and now that he isn't he works less. Well that is going to change. He's not told you about Dove Lewis at all. My my my!

And he calls me the lazy bum.

But all the welcomes we have received has encouraged him again. And yesterday he got out and went for a run.

Why anyone would want to go running, I don't know. But he said he would enjoy it. But he's not always non crazy.

This picture was drawn by a welcoming Oregonian! She was inspired by our story. I like it, and the companion does too. He loves sketches. I think it looks just like me. The companion said to me: When an artist draws you, it is their greatest compliment. Its like dedicating a book to someone.

We are really touched with the warmth we are receiving here in Oregon. Thank you all for your warm welcomes!

The Companion however, has a few things to learn. One in particular: when I'm sniffing, I'm working, and I need my quiet, space, and most of all not be be dragged away from him, because you got some coffee to drink. Please! And he needs to remember how much we, me and the readers, believe in him.

He's so forgetful! And he needs to get me a new trailer! I'm tired of not bicycling!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I hope I'm living up to expectations.

I've been feeling odd lately, and I didn't know why. I get antsy some, and want to go out more than I did in Chicago. Well Portland is prettier! And when we walk around the neighborhood, its so much more quieter than Chicago, and there is less traffic so I get more intensive smells of what I want to smell. Then I come back and sleep! I like my sofa, and I like sleeping.

But then I wonder, what's going on? where are we going? Shouldn't we be doing something. I'm not used to this sitting around all day. And what's with the Companion? Sitting here with me.

and I've not seen the bike for a long time. He went out on it. I know he did, he told me he did. And he said: I don't like riding alone, I miss Antigone being there.

The companion things that I might just be missing the adventure. I think he is missing the adventure. I like being at home. But really, I kind of miss it. I kind of miss all the nice people we met, I miss all the new things we saw and smelled. I miss the work of bringing awareness to basset rescues.

It was really a great time!

I know he is working on the book, but we could use a few days out on the bike I think. I'd like to see more of this Oregon!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

There he is: Zac the Cat. Here he is on my sofa, stalking me while I sit next to the companion.

I don't enjoy the company of cats.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just What I Wanted!

I got what I wanted! This whole journey, I've dreamt of it, soft and warm and mine! all Mine! Oh the sofa! I love the sofa! And this one is now mine!
My blanket is on it, and that means its mine!

A sofa has to be one of your top ten, no three, things. Top two. The sofa! and this one is mine!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our New Home

This is our new home! The car is not ours though. We rent a room with Brian who is a new friend of the companion. He wanted a new roommate, and we wanted a room. There is a one draw back--Zack! Zack the Cat. Not pictured because he doesn't come out much. I think he's upstairs planning an attack!

. This is a pizza parlor in St. John's. That's what our neighborhood is called. The companion was of course excited to see this today. He said: it looks like it should be on Route 66. Boy does that bring back memories, he says. Did I ever tell you about how I bicycled across the country and went down Route 66.

I just looked at him and said: Really? Wow. I once traveled across the country on a bicycle and never pedaled once.

Who's the stud now?

Then we saw this sign, and the companion was totally excited. Back with Lewis and Clark he says. And then he mentions something about how we should bike the Oregon Trail.

Could be a new adventure around the corner.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Correction!

Sometimes I wonder about the Companion. But the book will be: "Antigone Goes West: The Autobiography of Antigone Puppleupagus".

Yes autobiography. The companion is just the typist.

I'm glad this is cleared up.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Biography

The Companion and I had a talk today. He's not doing much but looking at the computer, checking for emails. He's waiting for some word about us getting a room. He's kind of not working and that bothers me. I was wondering how to get his attention when he stepped away from the computer and cleaned up some around the room. Then we went for a second long walk. That was my chance.

On the walk I had the talk with him about my biography.

I think it is time for him to type my biography. My story is definitely interesting. So I suggested we start at the beginning. The place I don't think about much, but did think about about it in the desert. The puppy mill. But be brief.

But then talk about the journey across now nine states! So the companion is typing up my biography. Right now we are calling it: _Antigone Goes West: The Biography of Antigone Puppleupagus_. I like it. It's got spirit, it's got soul.

The companion and I have a connection. It's strong. But during this journey, the companion has opened up, and can hear me better. He's going to be a good typist.

My biography! Antigone Goes West: The Biography of Antigone Puppleupagus. It has spirit. Adventure. Wow!

Monday, March 8, 2010

We Leave SF

We left San Fran on the light before this light. The companion found us a ride in a van with three women all traveling to Seattle. We drove for a long time, and I had space to nap as much as I wanted too.

The ladies were like cool rockers. Thank heavens I wasn’t in the travel hat! They each have stories to tell about their lives. I enjoyed relaxing with them. The companion even took the wheel some. I was a bit nervous because it has been a long time for him to drive. And I remember his road rage in Chicago.

To my surprise, when we arrived at the hotel, the companion said: I was a bit scared driving into town.

He scared? He’s such a goofball.

Northern California was really beautiful. But I couldn’t focus as much as I can on the bike. It all goes by so fast. And I don’t really get to smell anything. I heard the Companion say today that he also missed the biking up here. It would have been really pretty.

But I can see he is thinking of other bike trips to take. But for now the challenge is looking for a place to live and getting settled in Portland. But I know the companion, and I know how he things, and I know how much he’s going to miss the bicycling, and I know how much he loved seeing the Pacific. I think it won’t be long before we are taking a weekend trip to see it again!

Friday, March 5, 2010

The Day.

Today I woke, stretched. Had some breakfast.


Went for a walk to Spike's.


Then I had dinner.

Went for a walk to Spike's again.

Its been a rough day, time to turn in!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Say Goodbye

Today we biked back to San Francisco. It was a beautiful day for biking and the companion took his time. I didn't know we were returning to Sam and Rusty's house, but as soon as we arrived I was excited. I love that sofa.

We then rested for a little and went to Spike's. Brian joined us for the evening. This is his only free night so we won't see him again before we leave. I like Brian, and the companion does as well. Brian is very sweet and when he comes in or meets us, he greets me properly!

But we said our goodbyes. The companion is a little sad now. Somehow saying bye to Brian made him realize that the journey is completed. He's filled with pride and sadness.

And excitement!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hat, Spike's, Portland

Here I am without my hat. I look great with or without it. I like wearing it and I like not wearing it. But the Companion puts it on me for a reason: to help me know what is going to happen. If I am wearing the hat, I am getting in the contraption. If I am not wearing the hat, we are not. He said that once we find a home, I'll wear the hat just every now and then, on special occasions. Basset Waddles that sort of thing.

The companion has done things to help me feel stable on this trip. I am a rescue hound, and sometimes we get scared when we move around. The hotels have no secure smell, nothing I can lock on as "permanent" as "living here". And it gets me nervous. Then I bark.

The hat is one of the ways he helps me to know what is going to happen, and for me to feel secure.

We've been hanging out at Spike's. It's a cafe that we walk to almost daily. The companion loves it, really loves it. And there are lots of dogs around. We are always introduced! It feels good to be recognized as new and helped out.

What the companion likes there is the coffee and the people. He was talking on the light before this light with some of the guys. They were talking about Portland. Portland is our next place that we are going.

But the companion says; "we are going to living in Portland."

Portland is our going to be our new home. And all the guys at Spike's had such wonderful things to say about Portland. Beautiful. Modern. Young. Bike Friendly, and Dog friendly!

Sounds good to me!