Friday, September 25, 2009

He's Quiet

He's quiet tonight.

Somethings not wrong with him, but something is not right. He's nervously quiet.

I'm staying close.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Illinois Path

The Companion talked with me last night about our travels. I showed him where I think we should go and he agreed to it. So there is the path for Illinois.

Light One: Chicago to Dwight. We take route 66 passing through or near: Gardner, Mazonia, Braceville
Light Two: Dwight to Towanda. Route 66 again passing through or near: Lexington, Chenoa, Ocoya, Pontiac, Odell.
Light Three: Towanda to Williamsville. Route 66 passing through or near: Elkhart, Broadwell, Lincoln, Atlanta, McLean, Funks Grove, Shirley,
Light Four: Williamsville to Carlinville, passing through or near: Chatman, Irwins Park, Auburn, Virden.

As the time comes near, I am getting excited. But I need you to help me. Please contact your paper, and let them know about us and that we are passing by their town. Tell them: “Basset Rescue is Human Rescue,” Tell them to print about Guardian Angel, and about The Overnight. The companion says for me to put the number out if you are in crisis: call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

Monday, September 21, 2009

Talking with the Lady (Communicator)

One of my favorite things I did on Sunday at the Waddle was talk with this Lady, Terri. She is what the companion calls an animal communicator. And through her I could talk with the Companion. I got to tell him some things.

First he wanted to make sure that I understood, he was not going to leave me. So Terri explained that my forever home was with him, and where he is will be my forever home. This adventure we are going on means we are moving from place to place. And I don’t really like this, but Terri explained that was apart of the adventure. Terry explained he needed to find job and a better home for us. So I’m making that my intention for the adventure.

Terri and I talked about how much I like the idea of helping other homeless bassets. I want him to know that we cannot just do this bike trip for ourselves: we have to think of others. He seemed happy, and emotional, when I told him that.

I told Terri that I was worried about him, because I knew he was worried.

We talked about the bike. Yes I like it. And I’m not worried about getting hurt. She explained to him why I stand when we ride, and let him know I’m not tired. I just feel more balanced.

He wanted to know if I knew about the suicidal thoughts he had. I did, as you know. Why wouldn’t I know? But I didn’t want to tell him as much about them as I know. I just wanted him to know that I’m here to watch out for him. We are a good team, and I love him. We’ve got so much to live for! I just told her that. I don’t want him to know everything I know about those dark thoughts.

Terri told the companion how to talk to me. But most importantly how to listen to me. She told him, when you are on your bike, you can talk and she will hear you. ‘just start with the connection you have with her,” and talk to her. She will hear you.

Here Here!

Start with the connection.

He’s working on it. You see when you think about us with your heart, the connection, it’s a like a signal, like a ring. Our hearts warm. And you can talk to us, and we will hear you. So many humans don’t start their talking and listening with the connections you have with us, or with each other. He’s working on it. And he told me he was going to try it on his friends as well.

He asked about the time before him, but I really didn’t want to talk about it much. My life started when he took me home. But I know he would be upset if I didn’t point out how life is bad in breeder mills. But I’m going to ask you to go find the video with Charlize Theron, from PETA. The video tells the story. And she is so beautiful, and so sweet to want to stop this.

Finally, I got to tell him that I love him.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Waddle

The Waddle

So much to talk about there. There were many bassets, and it was totally cool. I was really excited. I didn’t nap all day!

We first went on the bike to meet Sue and her daughter. They drove us to the waddle. I sat the way there on the companion’s lap, and I looked out the window most of the way. Things go by faster in the car, and I don’t get to smell anything from the outside in the car.

The Waddle is an event with lots and lots of bassets. I’ve never seen so many. We all met each other on a grassy area, and it was sweet. Then we walked down through the town. I was so excited. All these people were there to see us walking by! I run a lot of it. Then it rained so we came home. Still very nice day.

This is a picture of me in my new Travel hat. The companion likes to geek me up from time to time. I like some of the clothes. That Rugby shirt is great! The hat is fine. It doesn’t hurt or get in the way.

Later, I’ll tell you about talking with Terri, later. The Companion is a bit emotional about it.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What’s Going on Here?

What is going on in this house? Two darks ago my morning rest spot, my afternoon rest spot, and my night rest spots all were taken out of the house. Gone! The companion seems happy but I’m worried.

It seems that we have lived here forever. But we have not. We lived somewhere else and he did this then too. All of it was packed up and gone, and most of it I’ve never seen again. All his books gone, the sofa, and other things.

He cried a lot during that time. He was angry at Gawd, and yelled at Him a lot. He would sleep all day; he would not sleep at night. I could feel Fear around him. There were others too, evil things around talking to him in a strange language I didn’t understand. But I didn’t like them there, and I just stretched and lay next to him as close as I could. Sometimes I would lay on top of him or between his legs. I thought the closer I was to him, the less they would be around.

But they came, every day.

After they left, the companion would get up and walk to the sofa and sleep again. And I would go too. Then he would wake and go look for a job. He always returned more sad than when he left. Sometimes he would ask me to sing: he would then cry.

I hope he’s not going back to that time. I hope it not. He was so different then.

I think he is not like that, I don’t feel anything from him about that. But this with my rest spots, and his clothes leaving. This makes me nervous.

Could this be apart of the Adventure he is telling me about?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


After we found the right sleep place, the companion built the home. He put it up in no time while I walked around the area smelling things. We then walked around some. He got his laptop out and played on it for some time. Then we went in the house.

It has a high top and we slept on the ground. It was kind of roomy. He worked on lap top but then said: I’m beat, I’m so tired. I was kind of too. I’d been awake all day—no naps. Sleep is really important to me.

So I put myself in the corner, and went to sleep. Middle of the night: sounds. Sounds all over the place. People, animals. Sounds. I was a bit nervous because I couldn’t see what was making it. So I got up an paced around the tent to wake the companion.

He pulled me near him and cuddled up some and I relaxed. But I’m the protector here. So I paced some more, and got him up again. Then he said: outside. And I got excited, cause he understood I wanted to go out and see what was going on.

I walked out, and sat and looked at the edge of the trees, and waited. That’s where the sounds were. That’s were it will come from. The companion says: come on back in. And he pulls the leash.

I slept ok but not great. There was to much to be worried bout. But snore bucket was completely out.

I think land is wonderful. I loved all that I smelled and heard. I just wanted to know more.

The picture is me in the home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Bike 65 Miles

So I need to tell you guys about the trial trip. I'm going to tell it two parts, the way there, and then sleeping. Today is the way there.

That's what it was. Stressful.

We left early in the morning before the sun was over the buildings. It was light, but not warm. The companion needed do some digging cause the streets he took me down were bad. We were in town, and sometimes on the road and sometimes on the sidewalk.

up and down up and down up and down.

I thought I was going to be tossed from the contraption.

And on top of that--car, after car after car car car car.

They were all fast, they were all mean. Some yelled at us. Some made that sound they make that I hate. I was really stressed out, and so was the companion.

We stopped along the way to eat some and walk around some. When the Sun was just past mid sky, we stopped at a store. He got off the bike and talked to a lady, and they had a nice chat. She gave him direction and said things would be better for us on the road from there.

And it was.

The world opened up, and I could not stop looking. It was field and field of corn, and soy beans. Just open and peaceful and quiet. From that store we went down only three more streets. As we turned on each street, there were less cars, and more quiet. So nice.

the wind would lift my ears, and I enjoyed it. The companion biked and biked and didn't stopped, until something went wrong with the bike. He let me out, and he fixed it. And we walked up the hill some.

I liked that. the grass has smells I hadn't smelled before. There were many things I wanted to follow. There were sounds I've never heard before int he trees, and when we walked I could hear them well. I liked the walking, and on the way back to home, we did it more.

I liked the trip, and after we left the buildings and there was corn all around, it was very peaceful.

But the night was not so peaceful.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are just back from our little trial trip. I'm tired, I've been up all day. I was up all day yesterday. And there were too many noises last night for me to sleep well. More on that and the trip later. Here is a picture of me riding. This was taken today.

i don't want the companion to get wind of this, but its kind of fun to feel the wind in my ears like this. And all the stuff going by is kind of interesting too. I just watch.

Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Trip

He says we are going on a trip on the next light. We will be gone over a dark and come back in the following light.

He says we are going camping.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We Are Still Going

Today, another day without the contraption. The companion is busy on the computer and cleaning the house. I was excited because I thought if we didn’t train every day then we were not going.

But two things happened today. He got an email from SparkPeople, and they are sending him a T shirt for him to wear. “So now we got to go.”

Oh boy. SparkPeople is the web site he used to lose weight. He was so unhappy being “morbidly obese.” Then he found this free web site, joined and from that point on things got happier. I’ve put the link up too. If it helped him, it can help you.

And he is talking about a camping trip this weekend. Unless we get rain.

Please Rain!

I like the idea of spending the days with the companion. He’s kind of pleasant these days. He’s had worse days but now he smiles a lot and gives me a lot of loving.

But I’m sure we are going he keeps saying: There is a Basset Rescue in Kansas City that is expecting us to come rolling in on the bike mid October. Or he says: There is a basset rescue in New Mexico that is expecting us to come biking in at the beginning of November. Then he ends the sentence with: We don’t want to disappoint them do we?

Don’t we?

I guess not. If we can help other bassets find homes it will be ok. I never really liked the other bassets that came to our house. I didn’t like them in my space. But one day, when I was pouting on a walk, the companion stopped and reminded me that I had a foster home, and that is what helped me find him.

I forgot. My life was so bad before living in the breeder mill, that I just put it all behind me. I put it away and I never think about it. I only think back as far as when the companion took me home. But after he reminded me, I keep it in mind.

And now I realize that I can help. So if we must travel to the Pacific, then I’ll talk about Basset rescues. Find a rescue in your area! Foster! Help us!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Training is Back

Well he brought out the contraption again.

He's home this morning and we went for a walk to Starbucks. I love going to Starbucks, he always gives me a sweet treat. I noticed he had two. When we came home, he put this blue thing on me around my waist. and then moved the contraption--outside.

I tried to be excited about it, but I'm sure. We went to some place; he said my office. Then came back.

I'll be honest. Its not that bad once we get started. but I get confused I think. See when he gets off the bike--its time for me to get out of the contraption. But sometimes I don't. After he put me in to come home. He didn't get off the bike until we got home. He got off the bike--I got out. I liked that.

On the way back he went faster, and I liked it. The wind was nice. finally, I just relaxed and laid down and watched everything go by.

He took some pictures. here is one.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bike is Gone

The companion was gone for most of the light. He calls it work. I call it naptime. I love my sleep time. I’m going to nap some later too.

Anyway, the bike is gone. I don’t know what happened. He took it on the light before this light and came back without it. I just realized this now. Maybe this idea of his is going away. But the contraption is still here. I've not been in it for two lights. That's great news for me.

He’s kind of quiet but I know he is feeling better today. You can tell cause he let’s me sniff more on the outings. But he seems more relaxed, and he slept well. didn't wake up with a start. Well he did sort of. After we were asleep for some time, he work up kind of sudden, but rolled over and went back to sleep. There were two other times he woke up, and kind of breathed funny. Then he got up and went to computer.

But today was quiet. We went on two outings. Fun times! And no contraption. But it is still there. And so is that book: Road Maps. And he said, its not long before we go on our adventure.

Tired now, nap time. I like my sleep. I like my naps!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Contraption

Well here it is that contraption! He calls it The Cab. The companion is crazy if you ask me.

I don’t really like it but he is trying to make it comfortable for me. I jumped out one time when he had the noose tied to the front of the contraption. See he can tie it so I can lay down on the blankets and pillows, or he can tie it at front, and I can do the same. But from the back I can’t go forward too much. When he tied it to the front, he gave me a chance to jump!

This is what happened: we were moving then suddenly he got that contraption jump up in the air to scare me.

Well I was having none of that, so out I jumped! But he kept going. So I ran along side and barked. He stopped and petted me and told me it was ok, and he was sorry. He was very sweet—but still crazy!

He fixed the noose to the back the next time. We went around slowly for a while. I like it when he pulls the top down, I feel safer. On a long ride the light before this light, he kept the top up. And when we were on quiet streets I liked it ok, but the busy streets are scary. Still on the quiet streets so much goes by fast, I feel sick. We stop and I want to get out and he’s like: here’s a treat. I don’t want your peanut butter, I want out.

And where did I get out, but some place I don’t know where a black Labrador lives. A Labrador. Named Oliver. A lab. Gawd! That breed drives me insane. Oliver was all paws, and I thought he was part octopus. He wanted to play some.

But I don’t play.

Well there it is the contraption. Pray for me.

Antigone Notices Something

I'm Antigone, and my companion has been acting funny lately. It started when he came home one day and seemed sad. He layed around for a while, looked at his phone, a lot. And mumbled something about someone texting. I wasn't the only basset in the house that day, we had the foster Gomper with us. Gomper just slept while I acted like I was a sleep and watched Marshall. That's my companions name.

Anyway, he got up in the late evening and left. When he came back he was smiling and pushing a bike.

Now he goes in and out with that bike all the time, but it got worse.

Gomper was adopted and he was really happy. Then my companion got this comptraption to put on the bike. He puts me in it, and we ride around the area.

I'm not sure what I think of it. But honestly, why is he doing this. All I get is he is reading a book called Road Maps, and talking about going to some place called the Pacific. On a bike? with me in the comptraption?

Well if I'm going to do it, I'm going to do it for other bassets and basset rescues. So fine, we, the companion and me, are going to ride to the Pacific to bring awareness to the basset rescues across the land.

Right now we are "training".