Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Wind !

We are in Oklahoma now and biked our first full day in this state. And Oklahoma greeted us with blue skies and warm temps.

And And And--17 mile an hour wind, hitting us in the face for most of the morning, then hit us in the back. Then at the end of the day it was hitting us in the face again. It was funny to watch the companion pedaling! He was pedaling and pedaling and just going so slowly! He looked like one of those Russian bears on a bike going in slow motion!

60 Miles Then a Short Day!

The companion and I had to bike 60 miles from Greenfield to Joplin. In Joplin we stayed with Jason and the mean cat. I was so tired after the long bike day.

The picture was taken just before the last bit of rain started. It looks like a monument but it's not. It is just some big thing sitting outside of a store called the Flyn' W. But the Companion totally digs these things. He is always stopping to get a photo and getting one with me in it. OH Dear! (there grandmom, hope you are proud.)

The weather was dark and warm with rain. We biked in rain four times through the day. But the last was the longest, lasting for a couple of hours (on and off). But the Companion put a rain coat on me so it was fine. I don't like getting wet so it was great. The rain wasn't bad.

This picture is me running in the back yard at David's house. After we biked 60 miles on Sunday, we had a short day on Monday. I was so excited to be in a fenced in back yard that i ran around and got the Companion to chase me. Lots of fun.

Then I went to sleep.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brad's House and Leaving

We are leaving today. We are back on the road today seeing what we can see and doing what we can do! But we enjoyed staying here with Brad and his family. I heard the Companion laughing some over the past three days. And there were storied of the Army, stories I've never heard him tell. The annoyance never stopped but the home is so warm with lots of soft places for me to sleep! loved it.

Here is Brad's family. Carson, Katrina, Brad, and Ethan. Thanks to Brad and his family for making us so welcome, and warm and dry! They gave me all the attention I could want!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rest and a new Annoyance

Yesterday we arrived in Kansas City, by way of cheating. The companion's friend drove out to the country to find us, pick us up in his van, and drive us to his home. It was a 30 min drive, and the companion said we couldn't have made it to KC if he didn't. We would have had to camp out. Instead of camping we slept in a warm house, with a family and children, and an annoyance. I say cheating is ok sometimes.

I love camping--in warm weather. So I was glad for the cheating. The companion says we are going to stay for a few days and rest before we begin again. I'm happy for the rest, and I'm making myself at home already. My hat is off, so that means no bike for me. My harness is off, and that means we are home.

I love resting. Resting feels good, it makes me happy.

But the other day, the Companion was odd. Not odd like crazy or sad, odd like "Ohmygawd! What are we doing?" kind of odd. And still today, I can tell that he is thinking of the next part of the journey, and feeling nervous. He feels overwhelmed I think, sometimes.

What happened was he was pedaling and I was in the Contraption. When suddenly he yells: "What? Are we really biking across the country? Am I crazy?" Then he giggled and pedaled faster.

Yes, we are biking across the country to someplace called the Pacific. And of course he's crazy. I know, or at least I've heard the companion say: people bike across the country all the time. But this journey is different. We are doing it without training, little money: and he is taking me. Most bikers don't take their dogs.

And this isn't a joy ride either: We are looking for a new home. The companion is moving, and he is making sure I am with him. Yesterday he said to me: "I know you don't really like this, but I can't stand the thought of you not being with me." That made me feel good. I've found my forever home, but so many other basset have not. I hope we can help.

So yes people must bike like this all the time, but this is not like their rides.

The companion doesn't realize this but I remember what Susan said to him when we went to the waddle. She said: 'most people would get rid of the dog, but you are keeping Antigone. That's what makes this great!" We make a good team!

The new annoyance. They call it Princess. Oh bother.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tebbetts: Rain, Warmth, New Friends!

On the Companion's Birthday we biked 50miles to Tebbetts, MO. On The Katy Trail. I've enjoyed the trail a lot: there is plenty to smell along the way. The trail is warmer than being on the open street, and quieter too. I'm going to miss the trail when we leave it to go back on the the streets.

We biked for some and then the rain started. So the companion got out and covered me to keep me dry. But I kept my head out of the contraption and it got wet. The rain would stop from time to time but we really didn't have a long break.

Then we arrived at Tebbetts and the companion found us a house to stay in, with some people I didn't know. I was excited to be in the warmth, and to run around such a large house. There was a second floor to see, and a bottom floor with lots of things to smell. We stayed two nights.

There were six others with us. And they gave me all the love and attention I could want. George would stop and pet me every time he walked by. David gave me cheese. CJ would let me sit on his bed and would pet me.

But after two days we had to say goodbye, and I didn't want to, I wanted to get more loving!

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Path is Blocked

We were biking along in the rain, and the rain had stopped. It will start again, and stop again all the time. I’m not too bothered by it this time. The air is really interesting to me. Lots of things to smell. Sometimes the companion will stop and let me walk along the trail. And that is great: but for crying out loud Companion, let me smell something completely. NO! He’s always wanting to go.

We biked along the trail until we met this tree. There were two men there trying to clear it fro us, but it was so huge its going to take a few days. They cleared a path around it, and helped the companion get the bike around the other side.

Starting on the Katy Trail

We started on the trial at St. Charles at this statute. The companion was excited about this. He said that we were joining history. I was happy to see a dog on the journey. At least one other dog has done this, and that made me feel good. The Companion however was “disappointed” that I was not the first, or that he was not the first to take his dog down the trail.

This is me biking down the trail.

This is the trail.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy ‘Bout the Leash

Today we left the state park, and it was cloudy and cold. I didn’t like the idea of getting on the bike early but the Companion insisted. He found a bike path for us to go down, and it was really quiet. I like the quiet. And it was above the road, kind of on the mountain side (the mountain we crossed the night before.)

He said he was looking for a boat that would take us across the river. We were not really near the river. He said he could see the river and he kept looking over his shoulder. Then he said: There it is. Now we have to find a way down to it. He found a path that lead straight down to the road.
And off he goes, yelling: your doing fine, we are going really fast. But he didn’t look at me. The path was so steep that my hind legs slipped out of the cab, and I was left hanging by the leash. My front paws holding on to the bedding.

It was scary. I thought I was going to be left behind, but that leash held me, held me tight. When the companion saw me, he was a bit: oh mygawd! Why didn’t you bark. Then he petted me and told me how brave and proud he is of me. But he told me to bark and let him know next time.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

St. Charles, the Companion, and the Ladies

This is a picture of the Companion and me. It was taken in St. Charles. WE stopped in a tourist center.The companion was trying to find our home for the night, and was having problems. So he stopped and asked them. They loved me, and let me come in. They petted me and gave me water. Very sweet ladies.

The companion is not happy, although he says he is. There is rain in the next lights. And he doesn't like that. I don't like it either. But I think there is something else. And I think he is worried about me, about how I am feeling and about where we are going.

We are we going?

I hope he finds it soon.


This is Magnolia's in Carlinville. This is where the Companion ate breakfast every light we were here. He seemed to like it.

We set out today for another bike ride. I was enjoying the rest. But we are on the bike again. We passed through open areas. with lots of smells. and lots to see. The ride was ok most of the way.

This is Otterville. The companion seemed to really like this town. I'm not sure why. there wasn't much there. Although some interesting smells around there. But the companion isn't into smells.

Then we went to sleep outside. The companion was in a bit of a panic and it upset me. I could tell he was worried, and I know why: we didn't know where we were. He thought he was in the right place, and he was, but on a different side. He was really nervous about it. I don't like it when he gets nervous, and it makes me nervous. It's that bike.

This is the path we took after we woke up.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blackburn College

Today the companion and I visited Blackburn College. It was rainy so we didn't walk around any....sad. There are a lot of new smells there, and I need to check them out.

For me the day was a day of getting the loving that I like.

For the companion, it was a chance to talk to students about what he went through when he was depressed. He said the talk was good. I was there too, and I used the time for sleeping. I was allowed off leash in the room, so that was fun. But the students were talking to him, asking him questions.

I think the day was a good day for him. He seems like he is feeling really good about it.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Going Good

The day was lovely. The companion rearranged the contraption and I could lay down! it was great. I stood, I sat, I lay. it was fun.

We stopped at a place to eat called The Front Porch. Nice, but I couldn't go in.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Had a Chat with the Companion

So we are now in a hotel in Springfield, IL. I'm beat. This biking is hard on me, standing all day long. My legs are tired from all the standing.

So we had a chat and I think he is going to try something a little different. For the past lights, we've been biking and trying to get somewhere. This is going to change.

He said he was going to bike for 25 miles, and then take a break for an hour or so, so I can take a nap. I like this idea. I like it a lot. Then we will keep going for a 25 more miles and stop for the day.

I like it.

Last light, and the light before was great riding weather. The sun was shining, it was a little cool, but the companion put my hoddie on me. I like it.

The companion stopped at all these roadside attractions for more pictures: yawn! I say lets get moving, I need the smells coming to me easily.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Win

Well it was a sunny day and lovely biking. But I'm tired, and I wanted to sleep. So I got the Companion to stop for the night. I think he would have kept going. The picture was from Funks Grove.

I win!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Today started out well. We biked in cloudy weather, and it was kind of cold but not bad. But the companion was having bad time. he seemed happy, but we were going so slowly. and the wind was hitting us in the face alot.

We stopped in Pontiac and had lunch we a lady, who asked us some questions. She took some photos of us. The companion seemed happy about the talk. And then we started to bike a gain.

Rain came.

So we stopped at a store. They sale used cars. They let us sit inside and the humans talked. One of them asked the companion, "Are you that guy biking across the country with his dog?" He then told us that we were in the Chenoa Town paper. The companion was really happy. They got him a copy of it, and he read it to me, and showed me there was a picture of me in it.

I'm there star here!


A Roadside Attraction at our next stop in Dwight, IL. The companion likes these tings. So we stop and get a picture. I like the walking.

We were lucky to have Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. Let us camp on their stadge at GABR Park. I got a cold creamy treat. Then we went to bed.

There was rain again today.

We Begin

Today was a day of fun, and a day of difficulties.

Today we started the day early. The companion packed the contraption and complained about it while he was doing it. But it was packed and we went to see that Labrador Oliver again. Since I was excited for the adventure, I played with him some.

Then we went to a bike shop for the Companion to get a few things for bike.

It was all fun, but then we got on the bike begain our trip. The rain started shortly after we started and continued for most of the the time we biked. I was wet. My lovely hat was wet and dirty. The Companion kept up his spirits, I could tell. But the rain was a bit much.

The we stopped at this house. And the Companion knew the people who lived there. There were two kids, two girls that played wit me some, and petted me. I got a lot of attention there. But one of the humans is allergic to dogs, and I had to stay in the kitchen. When we went to bed, I slept outside the living room door, and the companion slept on the floor, so we were close.

I worried about the girls in the night, so I would get up and check on their door.

Fun day! (well without the rain.)