Friday, November 27, 2009

Monday We Take Off Again

The Companion told me today that we are heading off on Monday. That’s Two lights, and three darks away. This time he told me the route. He’s been forgetting that in the past.

Monday we are going to San Saba
Tuesday to Brady
Wednesday to San Angelo
Then he plans on going to: Sterling City, Big Spring, then to Lamesa, then to Hobbs, NM.

That’s the play.

I’ve had a good time sleeping and working at Jen’s. Jamie is a sweet dog, and she is a great dog to have around. The can, however, likes to stalk me.

This is Jamie.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

At Jen's House

We are in Copperas Cove staying with the Companion’s friend Jennifer. She and he were in the Army together. They’ve talked about old times some. For me Jen has been really sweet. She gives me lovin’ and lets me have control of the house. The Companion says we are going to stay here until after Thanksgiving. Well that’s fine, but I feel that ever since I’ve arrived I’ve been having to work. It’s been working on this, checking on that, and inspecting something here. I’m beat.

I’ve scrutinized the sofa for sitting softness.

The weird sofa was checked for comfort levels.

Blue sofa arms are checked to ensure quality.

I tested the pillows for the humans. This one is ok.

I inspected the blue sofa for sleepablity.

The floor was inspected for cleanliness.

I examined the patio for warmth, relaxation

A Short Film

This is a slide show the companion made for me. I like it.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Through Vastness, then Zac

We started the day early, biked through the vast Texas land. The companion complained a few times that Texas isn’t flat! He said he was biking uphill most of the day. There were smells but it was kind of a boring day. I did smell a predator of some kind, but it ran away. I didn’t see it, but I think the companion did.

As the day was coming to an end, we stopped to rest when this guy came up and started talking to us. His name is Zac, and what a dear he was! He was interested in our bike ride, and talked for sometime. He had seen us earlier as he went to visit his parents. He then said we were heading to the bad part of town, and offered to take us to a better spot to tent.

They loaded the contraption and the bike in his truck. And we jumped in. But his truck was so high I had to be lifted up in it. He let me go where I wanted to. So I sat on the companion’s lap and on the armrest between them. Zac drove us all the way to Jen’s house! He was such a dear! More Zac!

He was such a dear, and he gave the companion some money to sponsor us. So Zac is now our first office business sponsor. So now a word from our Sponsor: ZR Plumbing! For hotels and apartments in Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana! His company is all over, and I say, listen to the hound. He is trustworthy, and kind.

We Leave Dallas

After a wonderful time on the Richard Hunter show, it was time for us to leave. I know the companion was not eager to bike out of Dallas. The traffic was heavy on the way to the show, and I know he was nervous. But today he picked a good road, and we only got yelled at by one car.

Dallas has a great skyline, but the smells of the cars bothers me. I’d rather smell nature. I didn’t want to whine or cry or tell the companion to hurry up, cause I know he was trying to get out of the town quickly. We biked and biked until he turned around and said: Look there is the Dallas in the distance!

We followed I35 for some time. And I wasn’t happy about it. But again, not wanting to upset the Companion I was quiet. Then he says: I think we are not where we should, and he turns off the road and we are suddenly in a little cute town. New smells. Not as much auto smell! The companion was awed about this building, which is the town hall.

We kept going on 77 until around 5pm when we arrived in Italy. When the companion stopped and asked for a place to put up the tent. I know he is nervous about asking someone at their home, so he was heading to the police station. We got directions from two men at a feed store but then passed the police station. We turned back and the two men were waiting for us at the station. They said it was closed?

The companion and I both yelled: “A police station that closes?”

They laughed and said the men were out in the cars. So the companion explained what we needed and one of the men said we could sleep behind the feed store. He is the owner. And that is where we stayed. Plus later that evening he brought us something to eat. It was really sweet of him.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Richard Hunter Show: Fun!

This is The Richard Hunter Show. Possiblity the most fun we have had being inteviewed. I'm going to link the pod cast so you can see us live, recorded.

After a horrible trip to the studio, we arrived and was welcomed. People came over and introduced themselves to us, and petted me lovely. I never get tired of the loving.

At 4:30pm Central time, we walked into the studio. There was wires, and cameras, and computers and people. They talked and I sniffed. The companion brought my blaket with us so I would feel comfortable. He put it on a chair and pulled me close to him. Richard and Michael smiled a lot at us, and petted me and gave me so much attention.

I was alowed on the table so the web cam could see me better. I just sat there, trying to be brave and let the Companion talk about that dark time. And he did, and got it out.

But Richard really kept the talk about me and basset rescues. So I relaxed quickly. Eventually, I did what I do best, and took a nap.

Richard is involved in resuces too. He just adopted a pit bull. A pit that was used as bait for fighting! Thank you Richard and wife! The Pits need more, and this has got to stop. Don't get me started, don't even get me started! Those dogs are suffering so much. And yes they are often killed.

Here is the guys in the studio. Micheal on the left, Richard on the right, and unnamed man in the center. So much fun! So kind! The companion said to me when we got home: "I can't wait to get on face book and become a fan of the Richard Hunter Show."

"You need Facebook for that?" I asked.

Ok here is the link to the Podcast. We were on the 11-16.

A Radio Show

According to the Companion, we are going to be on a Radio show this evening. He said it will depend on the news of the day. I guess there is a chance that something bigger than us will happen today and we wont get on. Although I don't know what that might be.

Is there something bigger than trying to help people and bassets? Is there something more important than companionship? Than family? Is there something more important than saving lives?

I don't know. But as I have said many times: Basset rescue is Human rescue. It is, it really is. My hope for this blog and for the suffering I put up with as we travel across America, my hope is that people will join in saving the lives of others by saving the lives of bassets and other animals. Today the companion said again: "it wasn't Antigone that was rescued, it was me. She is the one that saved me."

I hate it when he talks about that time. I was so scared, but hid it well. I had to. I know he talks about to help others, to let others who struggle with suicidal thoughts to know that they are not alone. I know he does it for that. But I still get upset with it. We make such a good team!

So we are going to a radio station to talk about it again just before it gets dark. Here is the link so you guys can listen in. The companion says: "We are to be there by 4:30pm Central Time, but I don't know what time we will start talking."

Ok. there you have it. Listen in today; listen in and foster! Adopt!

And know you are not alone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Denton to Dallas

We left Denton and thank Goodness! That town is not bike friendly. Not at all.

The traffic to Dallas was really heavy. I was glad when we got lost cause we were off the busy roads. See this road we were on went to two different towns. The companion was on the phone with his mother and followed the wrong one. Then the side road ended and he went back. Then he took me down this farm roads—love them! They are so quiet. Just some houses here and there. No noise from the road, no car fumes to get in the way of my work. So I was loving it.

Then he stops and says: Oh we are following the wrong street. So after over an hour of biking we were back where we started!

Finally on the trial we went fast. He complained a few times that Texas isn’t flat. And the talked about defining terms. Something about Hilly means you go up and down, and flat means you don’t. Thanks genius boy.

Then he stopped and started laughing. He was laughing at this water tower. He read it: Fighting Farmers. Then said: “there’s a mascot that insights fear.”

“Yeah,” I said “like Killer Toothbrushes.”

He liked that.

We are now in Dallas and I have two days off! Maybe three!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Flips and Fixes

Well yesterday was something else. I can tell you. But lets back up some.

Lee was wonderful to let us stay with him. He cooked dinner and let the companion work out at his gym. And you know how much the companion likes to pump iron. So we left Lee’s house this morning and biked around Gainesville some then sat at the Starbucks and waited for a reporter to interview us. After that was over, we headed to Denton.

The road was loud. We are right next to the highway, and I’m ok with the noise but like the quieter roads betters. We biked 32 miles in a about four or five hours. It was getting dark but the companion told me we were almost there.


All I know is I go flying. The contraption fell away from the companion’s bike and flipped over. I jumped away from it, so it didn’t land on me.

The companion who doesn’t normally handle these situations well, did a good job. He got me to a safe place, then figured out how to get us where we needed to go. I played mad at him, just to be mean.

Today we went to Denton Bicycles to get it repaired. We walked about an hour to find the place. They were great! I got to come in the store; they talked to me, and just treated me nicely. The companion said that he was really happy with them. And after biking around town some, the companion said “well that bike shop may be the only thing about this place I like.” Several cars honked at it rudely as we were biking along. I always hate that.

I’m kind of tired, so its nap time!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Strange, Fake, and a Lovely Couple

Well the companion can really find the odd. This is a spider made out of a VW. I'm speechless. I think it's just strange. This whole trip has been a series of strange things. The giant, that airplane monument for a gas station. OR the Pops gas station that things me walking around is a heath risk. Well this spider is just as strange as it all. Its in a field, there is nothing around it. It is just there. Strange. At least the companion didn't make me get out of the cab for a picture.

Wayne, OK. Companion was all excited because Wayne is his middle name. And what did we find there? A fake town. This is western copy of a town. The companion giggled and found it cute. I find it fake. I was hoping when I saw it we would walk around it some and get exercise. But no. No it was fake and there was no need to walk around.

The companion said, the wind was too much, the clouds were too much and he stood us on the side of the road and "hitchhiked". This is when you put out your hand and get someone to stop and give you a ride in their car. This is the first time we've done this. The companion said it was cheating, but he thought it was a good idea. As we stood there, I looked up at him a bit. I was a little worried, I think he was too. He kept saying: don't worry, someone will help.

We needed a truck, someone with a truck to help us. And about 15 mins we found one. A lovely couple stopped and drove us over the mountains to a hotel. They talked to the companion a bit, but I slept. The hum of the truck was a lullaby. and I was out! They live in Texas and told us that we will really like it! Looking forward to it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Barn, A Pop, A Friend

This is the Historic Round Barn of Arcadia. Another one of those lovely road side attractions the companion is pulling me too. According to him, barns are not normally round, and this one was made to withstand the tornado winds of Oklahoma.

“Well Antigone, I guess it works cause it has been here for over 100 years,” the companion said.

I’d still like the see scientific research on that. But it was kind of interesting. We arrived after biking most of the afternoon. First we walked around and the barn is filled with lots of interesting smells. The companion took me inside of there were stuff he seemed to be interested in but nothing I liked. Still it seemed nice.

Then we biked down the road some more to meet Galen. Galen is a guy the companion knows somehow. And he let us stay at his home for most of this week! It was great sleeping on chairs and stuff. We met Galen at this store with the giant bottle. I heard the companion described it was a tourist trap, and a Gas station.

I didn’t like it much at all. We were walking around, not on the sidewalk but on the area where the cars pull in to get gas. It was oily and dirty from the cars. We were just walking, when suddenly this lady comes out and says: you can’t have your dog here.

Oh the companion was not happy about that, and asked why.

She said, “It’s a health violation.”

“A what? How is it a health violation?”

“Well if she pees where people are walking.”

“Then dogs would not be allowed on ever city sidewalk,” he told her. “Its not a health violation. Its your rule and your rule alone. If you don’t want dogs walking around where there is car oil staining the road, and dirt and grime, the put up a sign.”

Here Here! We will not be going there again.

This is a picture of Galen that the companion took when I sent them out of the house so I could have some alone time. Sometimes I need some time to sleep alone. Galen was really sweet to both the Companion and me. I’ve enjoyed being in his home and meeting him. The companion said thank you to him tonight for “really showing me Oklahoma City, its become one of my favorite places we’ve been.”

Thank Galen for your hospitality and friendship!

Monday, November 2, 2009

An Interview

Today the companion gets a call from his friend Beth. She tells him she has an interview set up for us. And then he gets a call and next thing I know, he's shaving and showering and putting on clean clothes. We did the interview.

Here we are being interviewed. The companion said to them: make sure you get plenty of shots of Antigone. They kind of giggled at him: well who else is the star? I need to let him know that his second fiddle here: I'm the one they want to see.

They gave me lots of attention. I had a good time with them. Now I hope they will talk about some basset rescues!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

10 Lights and Sleep

So I'm brief today because I'm tired. Look its been 10 lights in the contraption. I'm done! Toast! You can see it in my face: look at these pictures from today. I'll tell you more in the morning. I'll tell you about the round barn, about the Line thing. I'll talk. but right now: i'm done.

The companion took off my harness! and you know what that means: at least one full day off of the bike! No contraption in the morning.

I sleep now!

Rain, Sun

We stared the day here at this giant Chef with overcast and gray skies. It was warm but not too warm, and it was going to rain. The companion said we had to bike to Broken Arrow to meet Sean, who would let us stay at his house for the night. So we got an early start, but stopped as soon as we stared to take a picture of this chef. Thank goodness he didn't make me get out and be in the picture. Then we went on, and the rain came.

The companion pressed on and really biked well. As soon as rain started he covered me with the poncho and put his on as well. And he biked on. No complaints. No getting mad. He just biked. I was kind of proud of him.

Then he turns and says: Dave Olszyk was right our bodies are toughening up.

What? I said.

Dave was right, we are getting tougher. We are not bothered by the rain and are just pressing forward.

We? We? We? I'm not a fan of getting wet, and i'm not a fan of sitting in a rain storm, with thunder. So no. No we are not getting tougher. The companion maybe getting tougher, but I'd prefer to stay inside on days like that.

We arrived as the sun was getting from behind the clouds. The house was warm and dry and nice. Sean was friendly, but wouldn't let me on the sofa. Blah! his dog was cool and wanted to play some, but I was too tired. But he didn't bother me much at all.

So now we are taking some time off this morning, and i'm going to nap again.