Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Meeting Local Artist

So the Companion’s interest in Roadside Attractions doesn’t stop after he’s had a few Margaritas. No the definition of a roadside attraction is broaden.

On Sunday, after the car wash, the companion and I sat with some of the guys and had some food, and he had some margaritas. Then when we left to come home. We passed by this man, painting on the wall. It is a canvass and it is being used for a commercial. He had a deadline of the next day, and would be painting most of the night and morning.

Does this prevent the Companion from stopping and getting a photograph of me with the artist while he was working and have to finish the work quickly. Oh no, the Companion treated it like a roadside attraction.

I found it slightly rude. And I kept telling the Companion he was being rude, but he wasn’t listening. I think the Artist heard me and thought I was talking about him because he apologized for being rude and ignoring the Companion. Why apologize? He was working! The Companion was rude.

Still, I thought it was fun to meet a local artist. The Companion loves art and loves to go to museums. For his birthday one year he had a painting of his family done. But I wasn’t in it. He had commissioned it before I was adopted.

So I think he is always looking for an artist to do a portrait of us to memorialize our journey across the country. Which I never say this, but I am so proud of what we did. Reaching out and helping the others really helped the Companion get himself up and going again.

Now all we need is a job and he can find an artist to memorialize our journey.

To find out more about this artist go to: I think I’ll start a new section called: My favorite artists!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Adidas, Veterans, Suds

On Sunday the Companion and I went for a short bicycle ride down town. Now that he has taken me across a bridge, he is no longer afraid or nervous about doing it. He's a pro now. Well we went down a beautiful and not to busy road. In the middle of the down hill was this place called Adidas. With this huge shoes in front. Of course we had to stop and get a photo.

I wish he hadn't. Not that it was a bad statue, no I liked it. But it was on the down hill, and the wind was feeling so good!

So we were going to a fundraiser for the Veterans for Human Rights. This is a group that the Companion wanted to join. Although he's not sure what they do. What it is for him is meeting more people, being apart of a group that is doing something for others, and they are veterans. He is too. And I think this is good.

how different would it have been in Chicago, if he had these connections? How different would is life have been if he had volunteer from time to time. Now in Portland, I've been telling him, he has to be more involved in the community. And now that the book is at a place that he feels ok with it. He is doing that, he is volunteering. Since going down yesterday to meet the veterans, he has gotten some encouragement. One of the men works at the VA. They talked and he suggested to the Companion to volunteer at the VA.

This would be a great idea. He could get some references and he could meet some people and maybe get a job. There! Good idea!

The Fundraiser was a car wash done by shirtless men in sailor hots. The event was called Studs 'N Suds. I'm not for water, so i stayed in the back ground. There was a DJ and lots of people getting their car washed! Great time!

We then went to have some food at the restaurant who was allowing their parking lot to be used for the car wash. The Companion had a burger and got me some bacon!


Friday, July 16, 2010

St. Johns Brige, Dove Lewis

Today was another great day! So sunny in Portland and so lovely. The Companion and I did something we have not done before. We went to Dove Lewis Animal Hospital to do some volunteer work. It was so fun.

First we had to cross the St Johns Bridge. We live in north Portland, but more correctly, St Johns. St. Johns was once its own town. We go for walks in town and sit and have coffee at the Starbucks. But I've never crossed the bridge before. Today we did. So fun. And after you get to the top of it you fly down the hill!

There are lots of bridges all over Portland. The Companion has biked across them a few times, but he has not taken me across them.

We went to Dove Lewis to volunteer. I don't have the right kind of digits, so I couldn't help. I just oversaw what was going on. Everyone in the office stopped and said hello to me and was really kind. We are going to go back on Monday.
Dove Lewis is Portland's Emergency Hospital doing critical care. They do things that very few are certified to do. The are open 24 hours, and the help people who can't pay with assistance.

But they do much more. They train dogs and cats and their humans to volunteer as therapy pets. Something the Companion things is not for me, because I don't do basic obedience. Well I don't care for obedience commands. At Dove Lewis you can go to group sessions to help you when your companion goes to the bridge.

Dove Lewis has a blood bank. Several dogs in the area come to donate blood just like a human might do. But I'm not heavy enough to donate, and I've had puppies before. So I'm not qualified. The criteria for cats is even harder, so when the find cats that meet it, they live in the hospital! How about that!

We will be going back on Monday. But I think we should go do some of the community programs so I can blog about them!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Celebrating Freedom!

This weekend was July 4th! I went to a BBQ to celebrate! I had so much fun! I love human holidays, I always get lots of food. And food I don't normally get. I got ice cream and a hamburger, and some hot dogs! and not just small bites either. I got lots of food.


Cause the Companion said, "It's a holiday, its a celebration, and food is one of the best ways to celebrate. But not when someone tells you you can't have it, or you shouldn't. Today is a day celebrating Freedom."

That's what the Companion said we are celebrating Freedom.

In my book, I talk a bit about Freedom, it is a new word for me. Because I was born and lived in a puppy mill for my early life. And Freedom isn't something we enjoyed.

I am happy now that I am a house dog, with a sofa, and a Companion and I enjoy many freedoms that I never dreamed of when I was in the puppy mill. I want to remind and ask that as we move into this week and this Moon, that we think about all the animals that are not free, that do not enjoy the freedoms I'm enjoying and we support bring an end to puppy mills.

Please remember that rescues are helping this battle by taking in the dogs and giving them foster homes. This is how I found my companion. So you can help rescues too. As the economy continues to be bad, rescues are having problems. Their biggest problem is that we do not have enough foster homes and many dogs are being turned away. Please consider becoming a foster parent for your local rescues.

But to celebrate freedom I want to list the things I have the freedom to do now, that I didn't have in the puppy mill

I am free to sleep inside.
I am free to sleep on the sofa
I am free to get loving from the Companion.
I am free to feel the sunshine.
I am free to go on walks.
I am free to be alone.
I am free to sleep next to the Companion.
I am free to have good healthy food.
I am free to write my book.
I am free to ride across the country on a bicycle.
I am free to go to BBQs.
I am free to go to the vet (don't really like it, but I can do it).
I am free to know that life isn't supposed to be what it was in the puppy mill.

Happy 4th!

Here I am looking at the Companion wondering why he's not giving me more food. I knew there was more food in that house. But he sat and took a picture of me instead.