Friday, July 1, 2011

Revising the Book: Talking of the Puppy Mill

I've not blogged in so long, I realize. The Adventure completed a year ago leaves me with out much to say, and leaves the Companion back to worries of finding a job. He has done so well with creating a job out of my book. Much to my nervousness.

We started writing the book last year, and he did really well taking dictation. You know communication with a human is always difficult, there are delays, and lots of misunderstandings. But through our travels and our love he has finally gotten to where he hears me. So I channeled the words to him. He typed it all, and looked at it over and over again to make sure it was ok. Then he sent it to a friend and she looked it over and over and over and made sure it was ok. then he started what he called the "Revision process." I said well that's fine with me, you are on your own there buddy. I've said it, I've told it, I don't need to do this all over again. Then he joined what he called a "writer's group." I have no idea what this is because i do not go. But I do know that he comes back every week, all excited about what they've said.

I don't know if they said it, or if he said it: but suddenly the stories I've told of being in the puppy mill aren't good enough. He wants more. More stories of being in the puppy mill. He says it's important. He says, that it will help put an end to the.

I've agreed with the understanding that I will never be asked to talk about it again.

Here we are working on the book. The thoughts of the puppy mill are really taxing on me so I lay near him and keep my head down in a restful pose.