Monday, September 6, 2010

Pier Park, Oregon the Right Choice!

Today the Companion and I got on the bike and went for a short bike ride to Pier Park. This little park is very close to us and i don't know why we've not gone before now. The Companion clams it is because I have to stay on the leash, but I think it is because he didn't know about it.

Well it is beautiful. We parked the bike and walked for nearly an hour through the park. It is so full of huge trees, I thought we were back on the Katy Trial. There is some kind of game that the humans play in the park, and many had their dogs walking with them. The Companion called the game Frisbee Golf. It looked fun to the Companion, and he said we would come back with some friends and play. For me this means walking around the park more slowly and getting a chance to stop and sniff.

We walked slowly today and I just loved it. there are several kinds of animals living there Mostly squirrels and birds, but some others too. I felt sure that rabbits had infiltrated the park, and my mission this light was to find out as much as I could. I'll do a few more of these missions, before planning a rabbit clearing.

One of the things I noticed from the Companion is a mixture of fear and thankfulness. Coming to Oregon the way we didn't was more adventure than hardship, more fun than stress. Oh we had some difficulty but in the end, I think we both miss the work we were doing. The Companion is still struggling to find a job, and the scent of fear was around him today. But as we walked through this incredible park, I could smell the thankfulness that we are in Oregon, and that we have found a new Forever Home. Everyone has been nice to us, and welcomed us, and make us both feel apart of the world. But for the Companion, this connection to others has helped him fight away depression. Oregon was the right Choice!

I am thankful too!