Monday, May 31, 2010

My Tooth, The Puppy Mill Legacy

I've said many times that I put the puppy mill behind me and only thing back to when the Companion came to get me and take me to my forever home. As we work on my book, I have to think about those times some more. But, I also put them back in the past and move on from it.

Today, I remembers going to the vet for the first time with the Companion. The question that the vet asked the companion about my age. That's unknown. So the vet examined my teeth, and said, "her teeth are too bad, I can't determine her age."

in the puppy mill, we were not given good food, or any vet care. No vet care at all. And my teeth were really bad. The Companion's vet said, "She is going to have to have surgery on her teeth. The gums are receding." It wasn't something that we had to do right away, but would have to be done in a few years."

Today one of my teeth fell out. It was a back one. I'm not in pain. I feel good. it had been hurting me some over the past few weeks. Sometimes when the companion would hit it I would yelp. He thought I had an infection in my ears.

My tooth is because we are not important when we live in a puppy mill.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Something New!

The Companion left for several hours today and said the was going to the store. He came back with some new shirts, and a big box. Then after he talked with Brian the roommate, he went into garaged. But he left me in the house. Brian would come in and out saying, it's still a surprise, you have to wait.

A surprise? It's not Christmas.

So I waited.

When the Companion came back in, he went up stairs to get a few things. Then he put my seat belt on me, and my bonnet. The bonnet and seat belt mean, that we are going on the bike. But we don't have a Contraption anymore.

Well now we do! the Companion has bought a brand new Contraption. It is yellow. I love the yellow, it matches my bonnet. It even came with a flag! I love the flag, but I think we need to get one that is white and has my picture on it! Here we are in my new Contraption.

But now he is of course talking about taking a bike tour around Oregon, or going to Seattle, or crossing Wyoming. I say we go home and visit is poor old mother and father. It has been three years nearly, since he has seen them. But he says, that might be too far.

oh its 3000 miles. Really that's too far. I'm going to push for a visit to see his family. Now that it is summer he can bike longer than 50 miles in a day, he can do 70 miles!

I say we go to visit his mom and dad!
Here we are on a bike trail in Portland! Look how pretty the grass is! I can't wait to smell the rest of Portland and Oregon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Meeting Up with Bassets

Coming out west has been a great adventure for us. But the trip here is just the start. The real adventure for the Companion is to find a new life. He wants to change himself. This means doing more socially in the community. The Light before this light was the start of this in Portland.

We went to a basset meet up group. There is a group of people who discuss parks in portland, and meet at the same time so their bassets can meet each other. I liked it but some of those bassets were too rambunctious for me. They were very active and very playful. I enjoyed seeing the companion talking with the other humans, and getting and making new connections. Seeing the Companion looking for ways for us to do things together with others makes me feel great. It makes me think that he is really working on not being depressed.

Another thing that makes me really happy to see is that he is again writing. When we first met each other, he would write every day. But that ended when he was depressed. And Thanks to me and my book, he is back at it, and feeling wonderful.

When we were at the basset meet up, I met this handsome boxer bull dog.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Writing about the Desert

In the desert, it is senseless to look outward to be engaged, the sky, the brush, the land are completely washed into one another leaving you no choice but to look inward to troubling and forgotten memories.