Thursday, October 7, 2010

What We Are Doing

We are still working on my book, but it is really finished. Sometimes the Companion pulls it out and reads in it, and finds something that isn't clear, and we work it out.

I noticed how he looks so proud reading it. I like it too.

We are looking for an agent to help us get the book published. This means the Companion has to do a lot of work. He is looking on line at similar books. Thee more he looks the more he finds. Who know so many humans had been touched by a dog? I'm not surprised.

So the Companion finds books that look similar, and then tries to find the agent for that book. Sometimes he finds it, sometimes not. But anyway. He's finding books and other authors with such beautiful stories. Right now we are reading two of them _Amazing Gracie_ and _The Art of Racing in the Rain_. Gracie he reads to me, but Racing he doesn't. He started reading it to me but I wasn't sure I agreed with Enzo on a few points. I don't need thumbs, nor care that I do not have any. Why so I can type. That's why I got a typist!

So we are looking for an agent, and the Companion says it should be a literary agent. Let us know if you have any leads for us to track down.

With the recent attention to suicides, I'd like to get the book published so others can know that hope is there.

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