Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hat, Spike's, Portland

Here I am without my hat. I look great with or without it. I like wearing it and I like not wearing it. But the Companion puts it on me for a reason: to help me know what is going to happen. If I am wearing the hat, I am getting in the contraption. If I am not wearing the hat, we are not. He said that once we find a home, I'll wear the hat just every now and then, on special occasions. Basset Waddles that sort of thing.

The companion has done things to help me feel stable on this trip. I am a rescue hound, and sometimes we get scared when we move around. The hotels have no secure smell, nothing I can lock on as "permanent" as "living here". And it gets me nervous. Then I bark.

The hat is one of the ways he helps me to know what is going to happen, and for me to feel secure.

We've been hanging out at Spike's. It's a cafe that we walk to almost daily. The companion loves it, really loves it. And there are lots of dogs around. We are always introduced! It feels good to be recognized as new and helped out.

What the companion likes there is the coffee and the people. He was talking on the light before this light with some of the guys. They were talking about Portland. Portland is our next place that we are going.

But the companion says; "we are going to living in Portland."

Portland is our going to be our new home. And all the guys at Spike's had such wonderful things to say about Portland. Beautiful. Modern. Young. Bike Friendly, and Dog friendly!

Sounds good to me!


  1. Hi! I just read all of your blog to date. Love it!

    My son loved his dog Chester so much. Chester died last July. Chris, 23, took his own life in September.

    After Chris died, a friend of his rescued a beautiful black lab mix, Sadie, and gave her to me. She has brought me so much comfort.

    I wish you well as you both continue your journey. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Antigone and Companion, I wanted to tell you personally how excited I am that you are planning to reside in Portland. It is a beautiful fun city, full of life and very friendly people and fabulous dogs. The smells are glorious, I know you will appreciate the dog friendly and bike friendly atmosphere. My companion takes me to Portland when she visits her in laws, and it's a puppy's paradise! Good choice!! Wishing you best luck on your new path to find a home. Happy wags, Teena (Basset Hound)

  3. Hey we just saw your blog today March the 1st. We are in Seattle and our mama works with basset rescue all over the country. You could come visit us at Camp Toast.
    Yola Bean, Toshi and Harry Hat and Toki all bassets all the time.
    Great Blog!!!

  4. Angitone, you looked fab without your hat as in this latest photo, but now I understand why you wear it! Portland sounds fab (potential retirement option when I'm ready to leave the Windy Corrupt City behind) - I'm sure you'll love it.

  5. Antigone, I'm truly addicted to your blog. Love it lots. Portland is nice, a little to wet for me but nice and absolutely dog friendly. Lots of places and smell for you to encounter. please stay safe when traveling up I-5, if that's the route you take. Your in my thoughts and prayers, as you and your companion are doing such a wonderful thing!

  6. How do I find you & your Dad on FB, Antigone? I want to follow both of you. Great blog! XO