Friday, February 12, 2010

Merced, Mike, Merlin, and Companion

We stayed an extra day in Merced because the Companion’s friend Mike invited us to stay with him. Merced is a lovely town, and we really enjoyed it there. The day before was rainy, and the news paper met us for an interview. The paper came out the day we were in Merced for fun. And many people noticed us and talked to the Companion.

I got lots of attention and lots of love!

We stayed with Mike for the night. Mike and Merlin, the evil cat that stalks me. In the middle of the night, Merlin jumps on the bed to see what I’m doing. Sleeping. Sniffs me some, then hisses and off he goes! Merlin! Cats!

Thanks Mike for a lovely time in Merced. And to Merced the town for being so friendly and reading your newspaper!

Now the companion. He’s odd again. And I know what it is. We are going to finish this bike tour in a few days. Less than a week.

And then?

That’s what makes him nervous. And I’m watching him closely. And I don’t know why. You know he’s pulled me this whole time. He’s biked up hills and down them. He’s fought head winds and rain. He’s pushed himself a lot! I get tired watching him!

I’ve got to tell him to stop panicking and getting nervous. To stop thinking about what will happen in a few days. And remember how many times on this trip he has panicked and everything worked out.

He’s going to be fine, but I need him to believe in himself some more.

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  1. Keep calm and carry on! I've been there and done that - got to take it a day at a time.