Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Next Light We See the Pacific!

Today is Wednesday, and the companion is in good spirits, but I know him, and he is nervous.

This is our last dark on the journey. While it is true we will be biking more, this is the official ending. And with any ending there is nervousness and sadness. I want to be close to him more today than I normally do

The companion I think doesn’t recognize his own abilities: his ability to face danger to face a challenge and over come it. And I think this journey shows that. And should convince him of it.

But I know him, and I know how he thinks. He will think not about the 3300 miles he did pedal, but feel guilty bout the 300 miles he accepted a ride. I’ve got to get him to change his thinking and to realize that what we have done has been great.

It is something I would have never had done on my own. It is something that was outside of my dreams. An adventure so amazing to me that without the companion I would not have thought about it.

Tonight as we sit in San Bruno waiting for the morning, I am thinking of my own history. Where I started and now here I am with the companion about to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time in either of our lives. Who would have ever dreamed!

Born and raised in a puppy mill. That was my life, the only life I ever knew before the companion. It is the life I put in the past and forget about.

Who would have ever thought that I would see so much of America. When I was in the puppy mill, all I ever saw was the cage. Sometimes we were let out, but not often. At that time it was a dream to lay in the grass in the sunshine. That was a far away dream, and now I get to do it a lot!

And now, I’ve been and seen so many places and things. I’ve been loved on by so many people. I feel so fortunate so happy. So thankful for groups like Guardian Angel Basset Rescue, for foster parents, and for companions who adopt us, and take us on a journey many humans wish they could do.

And along the way, I’ve been come a star!

When I was in the puppy mill, all of us dogs wanted a human. Humans would only feed us and take our babies away. We were not loved on, we were not taken to the vet, we were not recognized for what we can do.

I knew this before we started this journey, but I know it stronger now: I have a companion!

When the companion first started this crazy idea of going to the Pacific, I didn’t understand, I didn’t know what it would mean. But as we stand at the last day, I think it means this.

Not worrying about the rain
Overcoming Steep hills
Enjoying the smells that just come
The Sun helps

I can’t wait to see the Pacific in the morning. I hear it is huge! I’m so excited I might get wet. But don’t count on it!

The plan is to cross over to the Pacific side and ride along side of it and look and see it, then get to Crissy Field. We hope to be there around 1pm (but I bet we are late.)

I can’t wait to finish and meet the other dogs who are going to try to meet us at Crissy field.

And I’m excited to see the Golden Gate Bridge, and watch the Companion.


  1. You are reaching the end of your journey. Antigone is has been an amazing adventure that the two of you embarked on together. Enjoy that first view of the Pacific Ocean and recognize how far you have come. I will look forward to reading about the last day and the ending of your jurney at Chrissy Fields. The "nice woman" from Pleasanton, aka Jan

  2. I came late to hearing about the journey and the blog, but already I know I'll miss reading the latest entries. I hopw Antigone will still be blogging about life when it's not on the road.