Monday, February 8, 2010

Bakersfield, Rescue Ladies

Bakersfield, this is a sign in the middle of the town kind of out of the way. Not where you'd expect it to be. But the companion was crazy about it. He just loved it. Not as much as if he said: road side attraction, but he loved it anyway.

And what he really loved is listening to the ladies talk about the sign. He loves hearing stories about things.

This is Jill and Diane from Golden Empire Basset Rescue. They come to the room to see us and to check on my wound. I've not talked about this because it's nothing really, but the companion worries enough for two!

So Jill, Diane, and her husband took the companion to lunch because he needs food. They gave me some nice food too. And Diane only ate a part of her steak and gave me the rest--yummmmm!

Thank you Golden Empire for you hospitality, and the basset you save!

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