Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sunny San Fran

Today started out cloudy but then got beautifuly sunny. We went to Alamo Park to meet with Amelia. She has a blog about dog in the city called Tails in the City. I've linked in my blogs box. But we arrived and waited for her, sitting on these steps and feeling the sun! I loved the sun! Plus there were plenty of dogs walking around and I could smell so many!

We are going to be in the bay area for another week. So here is a typical street in San Fran. See the hills. This is a nice one because it is long and not too steep. But it is steep. And when we turned off it we went straight up! Coming down them is a bit scary, I feel like I'm going to fall forward and out of the contraption. Thank Goodness (see grandmom I remembered) I had the belt!

The companion is a bit nervous about these hills I can tell. He bikes with the breaks and we go slowly down the hill. And he goes back and forth. I like that it helps me feel better.

We received this picture today. It is when we arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge. Look the companion looks so haggard!


  1. Antigone, you are such a lovely girl - please tell (no, DEMAND) that The Companion remove that hat off you - you aren't in the blazing sun or the Windy City frozen tundra - let's see the "real" Antigone!

  2. Hi Antigone! Glad the weather is reasonable so you & the companion can enjoy & explore the city! There are lots of smells in SF so I bet you're busy. Those streets can be scary, glad to know you have a belt!