Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Help, Mayor, Torture

We biked again in green, and warm sunshine. It was so much fun, and the companion was loving it! The road was mostly downhill. While we were in town, Pleasanton, we biked with a nice woman. She was worried that the road we were going to take was dangerous. The road was curvy and narrow, lots of blind turns. But the companion assured her that we were going to get a ride in a truck down that road. And Golden Gate Basset Rescue picked us up right there at the intersection and got us to safety.

Addy and Steve drove out to help us, and take the companion to lunch. I know he had a good time talking with the because it was non stop chit chat! I slept on Addy’s lap so she and Steve could pet me. They were lots of fun, and showed us the sights around the area. But to the companions dismay, not one roadside attraction in the lot.

One point of interest to me was Sunol. In Sunol, Bosco the black dog was elected mayor in 1981. Mayor! It’s about time! I’m sure there were changes in that town for the best! These humans got it right. Would have been better if he were a basset, but still great times! They have a statue in his honor, and Addy and Steve took us to see it. Cool!

Then we arrived at Don and Lee’s house, where I was subjected to torture. The companion said I need it. He said: you need a bath Antigone. I said: you need a bath. And then I tried to escape. I’m not like other dogs that run away fast. No, I quietly walk away and ignore it. It will go away. But not today.

I don’t favor baths.


  1. Hey, Antigone, might as well give it up and surrender: there's no escaping baths. When I was growing up, My mom had a small poodle. He hated baths. He even knew the word bath. One day I figured I would outsmart him.I quietly sneaked his doggie shampoo into the bathroom,closed the bathroom door and put water in the tub.I opened the door, and there he stood. He gave me a look of scorn and hightailed it outta there. Took me almost half an hour to chase him all over the back yard--but in the end, he got his bath. My prayers for a continuing safe journey for you and your companion. Say...Antigone, you run for office--CA governor maybe. You got my vote!

  2. Antigone, my companion just found your blog. She loves it! Anyway, I thought I would send you some sym-paw-thy since my companion likes to torture me the same way. All she has to say is "Bathtime" and I tuck tail and slink under the bed where she has to drag me out. Good luck on the next leg of your journey, and hopefully you can adorn yourself with all sorts of delightful houndy-smells before it's torture time again! Your new fan, Teena (Basset Hound)

  3. We would love to invite you and your companions to join us in August for our annual BASSETFEST in Muskego, WI. It is a really fun time with about 300 fellow bassets and their humans...check out our website @ bbrescue.org

    Simon, Maggie Mae, Daisy Lou