Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Animal Shelters, Ducks

We passed through Palo Alto on our way to Belmont, CA. As we were biking along we spotted a sign about low cost spay and neutered services. So the companion turns in to get a look at the place.

What it is an animal shelter. And not like one of those where a dog has a deadline to find a home or they will be put down. No this one doesn't do that! So I loved it.

I support basset rescues, and all rescues. And I support Shelters like this one! If you are thinking about a dog, always go rescue! And shelters like this one are also good ideas. These dogs are sometimes strays, or abused in some way. Other times, they are abandoned for reasons like work, or children, or a new apartment that doesn't allow dogs. These are great dogs, and all of them need a home.

We then continued on, and of course got lost a few times. The companion was getting frustrated but I just relaxed cause there were some interesting smells.

Then here was a sign for Ducks.


Really? Really? We really need a sign for ducks.

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