Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pacific!

We saw it! It was so huge! And I love it. I can’t talk much right now because it was so exciting to see the ocean, and to see the bridge.

But the fog kept us from seeing much of the bridge, it was still magnificent.

Not like the Pacific. Which we saw for the first time today!

Here we are: The Companion and me with the Pacific behind us! Champions! Pioneers! Frontiersman! Frontiersdog!

We took the picture and he started petting me the way he does when he’s emotional! He pulls me to him and puts our foreheads together.

He says: We made it! Can you believe it! You survived it! We did it!

We did do it and we loved it the whole trip.


  1. Congratulations you two! What an awesome accomplishment!! If you can bike over halfway across the country, you two can do ANYTHING!!

  2. Way to go!! Sometiems the journey is the reward. California or Bust and you too busted right on through to your destination. Just one request, please keep blogging for as long as you want to blog. We all would love to hear about the next part of the adventure--your life in California.

  3. WOOF WOOF! I enjoyed reading your blog and was so touched by both of you and your companion's personal stories. You two have over come so much and come so far, you are a true inspiration to the world, especially those like myself who have contemplated suicide. Antigone: you remind me of my pupperkid, Shiloh, who was a comfort on a daily basis. Keep up the good work, you are worth more than words can ever be expressed.

  4. Way to go! You two are an inspiration. Best of Luck!

  5. YEA, You two did it!! Can't wait to hear more! Sometimes it's best to just put everything down and do something very different. It takes courage, and you did it beautifully. Did you meet up with any of the Northern California Basset rescue people? I do hope they were there for you two. If you didn't make it to Daphnyland on your way out, you must go soon (driving is good though!), as it is down in So Cal. If you are ever in the Dallas area you must come check out North Texas Basset Hound Rescue, we'd love to meet you.

  6. Way to go Antigone and Companion!