Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain, PInk, Rainbows, Mark

We biked in rain today. The companion was excited because he got to finally wear his rain gear. I think it’s too big for him, and too blue. He looked like a big blueberry. I kept calling him Violet Beauregarde! And he would sing: umpa umpa umpa de do!

He did a lot of singing this day. Some say looooooooooooove it is a river! His voice was nice and I could hear him. I like it when he sings like that, long melodic lines, and his voice is clear and deep. The companion was in a good mood even in the rain.

He might be growing up!

Rain came. Stopped. Came again. And stopped. We are out in the country again, and not in the desert. There were new smells for me. I was enjoying the day, even with the rain. The companion’s brother called and they talked for a while. During that time, we were chased by about ten dogs at various times. So the Companion would have to say: hold on! And he would sprint. He gets worried about the dogs cause they do get a little close to me.

I don’t understand why people don’t keep their dogs in the house. Then they can keep them safe, and others safe.

I did what I do to all barking dogs barking at me: stared at them.
The area we are biking is called a valley, and it is flat! And the road are straight. And there are orchards, and farms, and cows, and all kinds of things on each side. The trees are still in their winter sleep. Except for these cherry trees that are just waking up. The dark sky behind them caught up to us, and left us wet. But right here we were able to get his cute shot.

As he was talking to his mom, the companion found a rainbow! Oh the rainbow was so pretty. We stopped and looked at it for a while. I love the brightness of it! And how big it was stretched across the sky! His mom wanted the picture, but the Companion didn’t think he could get a good shot. But his mom told him to take a picture anyway! Well it worked.

The day was moving forward, and we were late. So Mark came to find us and get us to his house safely. We stayed the night with Mark and his wife Connie, and their son Bob, and their dogs Bug and Max (Max was cool, and Bug was a sweet lady), and their bird Franklin, and the cat, Cowboy. They were all very kind to us, and made both of us feel so welcome. Thank you Mark and family for your hospitality!


  1. Antigone, i love your blog! Thank you and ur campanion for the great courage to do what you are doing to bring awareness to such important issues.

  2. Antigone and companion: Jody (a senior rescue basset) and me love reading of your adventures. It takes a great deal of courage and strength to do what you two are doing and our best wishes are wished for you. Jody admits to being a little bit jealous when I read to him your traveling adventures. He'd like to be anywhere but here in Pennsylvania with 30 inches of snow!! Take good care!

  3. You guys ROCK!

    Me and my Dalmatian brother were rescued too, but my human always says we rescue HER a little bit every single day.

    We want to meet you when you get to SF... promise to bring cookies!