Thursday, November 19, 2009

We Leave Dallas

After a wonderful time on the Richard Hunter show, it was time for us to leave. I know the companion was not eager to bike out of Dallas. The traffic was heavy on the way to the show, and I know he was nervous. But today he picked a good road, and we only got yelled at by one car.

Dallas has a great skyline, but the smells of the cars bothers me. I’d rather smell nature. I didn’t want to whine or cry or tell the companion to hurry up, cause I know he was trying to get out of the town quickly. We biked and biked until he turned around and said: Look there is the Dallas in the distance!

We followed I35 for some time. And I wasn’t happy about it. But again, not wanting to upset the Companion I was quiet. Then he says: I think we are not where we should, and he turns off the road and we are suddenly in a little cute town. New smells. Not as much auto smell! The companion was awed about this building, which is the town hall.

We kept going on 77 until around 5pm when we arrived in Italy. When the companion stopped and asked for a place to put up the tent. I know he is nervous about asking someone at their home, so he was heading to the police station. We got directions from two men at a feed store but then passed the police station. We turned back and the two men were waiting for us at the station. They said it was closed?

The companion and I both yelled: “A police station that closes?”

They laughed and said the men were out in the cars. So the companion explained what we needed and one of the men said we could sleep behind the feed store. He is the owner. And that is where we stayed. Plus later that evening he brought us something to eat. It was really sweet of him.

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