Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just Strange, Fake, and a Lovely Couple

Well the companion can really find the odd. This is a spider made out of a VW. I'm speechless. I think it's just strange. This whole trip has been a series of strange things. The giant, that airplane monument for a gas station. OR the Pops gas station that things me walking around is a heath risk. Well this spider is just as strange as it all. Its in a field, there is nothing around it. It is just there. Strange. At least the companion didn't make me get out of the cab for a picture.

Wayne, OK. Companion was all excited because Wayne is his middle name. And what did we find there? A fake town. This is western copy of a town. The companion giggled and found it cute. I find it fake. I was hoping when I saw it we would walk around it some and get exercise. But no. No it was fake and there was no need to walk around.

The companion said, the wind was too much, the clouds were too much and he stood us on the side of the road and "hitchhiked". This is when you put out your hand and get someone to stop and give you a ride in their car. This is the first time we've done this. The companion said it was cheating, but he thought it was a good idea. As we stood there, I looked up at him a bit. I was a little worried, I think he was too. He kept saying: don't worry, someone will help.

We needed a truck, someone with a truck to help us. And about 15 mins we found one. A lovely couple stopped and drove us over the mountains to a hotel. They talked to the companion a bit, but I slept. The hum of the truck was a lullaby. and I was out! They live in Texas and told us that we will really like it! Looking forward to it!

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