Friday, November 13, 2009

Denton to Dallas

We left Denton and thank Goodness! That town is not bike friendly. Not at all.

The traffic to Dallas was really heavy. I was glad when we got lost cause we were off the busy roads. See this road we were on went to two different towns. The companion was on the phone with his mother and followed the wrong one. Then the side road ended and he went back. Then he took me down this farm roads—love them! They are so quiet. Just some houses here and there. No noise from the road, no car fumes to get in the way of my work. So I was loving it.

Then he stops and says: Oh we are following the wrong street. So after over an hour of biking we were back where we started!

Finally on the trial we went fast. He complained a few times that Texas isn’t flat. And the talked about defining terms. Something about Hilly means you go up and down, and flat means you don’t. Thanks genius boy.

Then he stopped and started laughing. He was laughing at this water tower. He read it: Fighting Farmers. Then said: “there’s a mascot that insights fear.”

“Yeah,” I said “like Killer Toothbrushes.”

He liked that.

We are now in Dallas and I have two days off! Maybe three!


  1. Antigone can you read a map? You might have to help your companion. It all turned out well and you guys are back on track. Have fun in Dallas.

  2. Antigone, don't leave yet! You haven't seen Fort Worth!