Sunday, November 1, 2009

Rain, Sun

We stared the day here at this giant Chef with overcast and gray skies. It was warm but not too warm, and it was going to rain. The companion said we had to bike to Broken Arrow to meet Sean, who would let us stay at his house for the night. So we got an early start, but stopped as soon as we stared to take a picture of this chef. Thank goodness he didn't make me get out and be in the picture. Then we went on, and the rain came.

The companion pressed on and really biked well. As soon as rain started he covered me with the poncho and put his on as well. And he biked on. No complaints. No getting mad. He just biked. I was kind of proud of him.

Then he turns and says: Dave Olszyk was right our bodies are toughening up.

What? I said.

Dave was right, we are getting tougher. We are not bothered by the rain and are just pressing forward.

We? We? We? I'm not a fan of getting wet, and i'm not a fan of sitting in a rain storm, with thunder. So no. No we are not getting tougher. The companion maybe getting tougher, but I'd prefer to stay inside on days like that.

We arrived as the sun was getting from behind the clouds. The house was warm and dry and nice. Sean was friendly, but wouldn't let me on the sofa. Blah! his dog was cool and wanted to play some, but I was too tired. But he didn't bother me much at all.

So now we are taking some time off this morning, and i'm going to nap again.

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