Monday, November 2, 2009

An Interview

Today the companion gets a call from his friend Beth. She tells him she has an interview set up for us. And then he gets a call and next thing I know, he's shaving and showering and putting on clean clothes. We did the interview.

Here we are being interviewed. The companion said to them: make sure you get plenty of shots of Antigone. They kind of giggled at him: well who else is the star? I need to let him know that his second fiddle here: I'm the one they want to see.

They gave me lots of attention. I had a good time with them. Now I hope they will talk about some basset rescues!


  1. Look like you are becoming a super star. Keep it up. We enjoy reading your journal and all the places you have traveled. We hope you find sunny days and smooth trails.


  2. Oklahoma has been really sunny for us! The companion has been in a great mood! As have I!