Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Barn, A Pop, A Friend

This is the Historic Round Barn of Arcadia. Another one of those lovely road side attractions the companion is pulling me too. According to him, barns are not normally round, and this one was made to withstand the tornado winds of Oklahoma.

“Well Antigone, I guess it works cause it has been here for over 100 years,” the companion said.

I’d still like the see scientific research on that. But it was kind of interesting. We arrived after biking most of the afternoon. First we walked around and the barn is filled with lots of interesting smells. The companion took me inside of there were stuff he seemed to be interested in but nothing I liked. Still it seemed nice.

Then we biked down the road some more to meet Galen. Galen is a guy the companion knows somehow. And he let us stay at his home for most of this week! It was great sleeping on chairs and stuff. We met Galen at this store with the giant bottle. I heard the companion described it was a tourist trap, and a Gas station.

I didn’t like it much at all. We were walking around, not on the sidewalk but on the area where the cars pull in to get gas. It was oily and dirty from the cars. We were just walking, when suddenly this lady comes out and says: you can’t have your dog here.

Oh the companion was not happy about that, and asked why.

She said, “It’s a health violation.”

“A what? How is it a health violation?”

“Well if she pees where people are walking.”

“Then dogs would not be allowed on ever city sidewalk,” he told her. “Its not a health violation. Its your rule and your rule alone. If you don’t want dogs walking around where there is car oil staining the road, and dirt and grime, the put up a sign.”

Here Here! We will not be going there again.

This is a picture of Galen that the companion took when I sent them out of the house so I could have some alone time. Sometimes I need some time to sleep alone. Galen was really sweet to both the Companion and me. I’ve enjoyed being in his home and meeting him. The companion said thank you to him tonight for “really showing me Oklahoma City, its become one of my favorite places we’ve been.”

Thank Galen for your hospitality and friendship!

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